About M.E

"I am focused on exploring the tension between the personal and the universal, the reality and the imaginary and between photography and other mediums and disciplines."


I live in the South West of the UK, just on the foothills of Dartmoor where we are challenged by rapidly changing weather from beautiful icy clear days to those which cloak us in mist. 

I have carried a camera with me since as early as I can remember, always trying to be creative and contemporary throughout my life. 

My career to date has definitely been eventful; BAHons in Geology at Cardiff University, re-trained in Microbiology with BioMerieux, Director of several Pharmaceutical companies , Mentor for Small Businesses in Wales and the South West and NED for several of these, then later an MA Photography at Falmouth University.. 

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If you would like to engage my services, be involved with one of my projects or attend an event, I would love to hear from you.  

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I am, of course, interested in creative innovation, how we are different, what makes us unique and how we can develop our creative skills to change the future, through participation and collaboration. 

I hope to bring together through visual communication my multi-disciplinary scientific and artistic skills to encourage collaboration, learning and innovation. 

So theirs and mine journey's begins...

 I hope that you follow this website and my Critical Research Journal (CRJ).

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