My Work

I hope to bring together through visual communication a multi-disciplinary approach, to encourage collaboration between science and art in a binary way. I consider my work to be fine art photography, but wouldn't like to be confined by its definition. I work more instinctively than methodologically, some say this could be too free, too disorganised. I will let you decide. 

'I focus on the tension between the personal and the universal, between reality and the imaginary and between photography and other disciplines'


I have enjoyed a multidisciplinary career in the sciences and more recently in the arts. I have been lucky enough to run my own businesses, be creative and innovative in my own environment. I am looking forward to exploring in more depth, art-science collaborations and where a portfolio of work will take me. 

Exhibitions, Lectures, Workshops, Press Releases.

Exhibition. Coming Soon. International Art EXPO, Palazzo Velli Rome. 19-21July 2019. Representing women photographers from the UK. 

Scientific Conference Exhibition. IIMEC14 Conference & Exhibition. International Invest in M.E/CFS Conference, London. May 2019. An exhibition showing the research of 4 PhD students from the Quadram Institute of Science, Norwich. 

Press Release. 'Art and Science Uncover M.E ' looks at collaborative work between myself and the Quadram Institute of Biosciences and the research on M.E/CFS

Lecture. 'Why we need art in science' For Falmouth MA Photography students on developing their FMP. March .2019.

Exhibition. 'Landings Exhibition' Aug18-Aug19. 

Workshop. 'The art of Chronic Illness' Workshop for those with a chronic illness. More info. here and here. July 2018. 

Exhibition and Film Evening. 'A Broken Biochemistry' outlining the condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. May 2018.

Workshop. Continuous Online Workshop. Art Therapy for those with M.E/CFS. More information here


Photographic Artist and Multidisciplinary Nice Person!


Yas Crawford Photography. Present.

Director, Aerona Clinical Limited. Present.

Director, Tramorgan Limited. 20013-18.

Director, OI Sciences Limited. 2008-13.

Director, Opal Healthcare Limited. 2001-2008.

Business Mentor. Business Wales, BIP. Present. 

Board Advisor for Nudged Limited, Sigma-Health Limited. 2014 - 2108.


MA Photography, Falmouth University. UK. Completing Aug 2019.

BSC Hons. Geology & Engineering, Cardiff University. UK.

[I year Additional Courses in Applied Geophysics, Paleomagnetism, Structural Geology] Keele University. UK

Certificate of Education. Keele University. UK

Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer, BioMérieux. France. 

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