"Through an exploration of perspective, complexity and scientific investigation I create imagery that reveals, explains and connects us consciously to the ambiguous and unknown".

Making sense of the Science. The mapped landscape revealed in the images acts as a vessel to; transport the science, communicating the ambiguous and the unknown, and act as a background onto which the micro and the macro of the internal and external human landscapes are gently positioned. The repetitive nature of the images reveals the constantly repeated events whilst the sets of images are produced as if a scientific experiment catalogued for success or failure and reflected in its numbering. The abstraction recognises areas of ambiguity explored often through topographical and geometrical shape removing the onerous requirement of controls and variables leaving space for subjective expression and interpretation. This safe place prevents the viewer from being defined by their condition.

The Grey Space. We are all artists whether we be a creator of images or a creator of science. Working in the 'grey space' or the 'space in-between' art and science or art and technology can be challenging. Accuracy of science and the abstraction of art can only intertwine as one when we overcome the fear of those anomalies and revel in the beauty of its ambiguity. Inaccuracies and ambiguity after all feed our enquiring minds, whilst the experience of failed images and failed science offers new direction and new results. To narrow our field of expertise narrows our imagination, our creativity and space to learn.

If we have been lucky enough to dip in and out of the art and sciences or a mix of disciplines during our careers, we might describe ourselves as 'multi -  or intra-  or inter-  or anti-  or trans-  disciplinary'. Each description suggesting a new category and a separation of work.  Being careful about how we describe the future of collaborative work will ensure we work openly in the present and through which we can anticipate our future. 

Art-Science Projects.  I hope I can offer a way to work with you that is fully collaborative and open. I am always looking to be involved in meaningful artistic research and looking for unique ways to present my own and my clients work. 

If you are an artist or group of artists and would like to explore an art-science project or a group show or a scientist of any discipline wanting to show your research in a visual way, or have a new product or project, then please get in touch. Here.

Commissions. If am happy to undertake commissions for new projects, products, research or new idea. For creative advice on  then please get in touch. Here.

Here is a collection of  images selected from art-science collaborations for various research projects. 

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