CRJ Complete Works

  1. Sustainable Prospects - References

    Date 08 Dec 2018
    Crawford Y. 2018. Leaf 1. ANTONINI M. MINNITI S, GOMEZ F, LUNGARELLA G, BENDANDI L. 2015 Experimental Photography, A Handbook of Techniques. New York Times : Thames and Hudson.  BAKER S, de LECOTAIS E. 2018. The Shape of Light. London : Tate Publishing.  BLAUSTEIN J. 2015. This week in Photography Books :…

  2. Oral Presentation. ‘Absent Landscapes & The Human Form’.

    Date 08 Dec 2018
    PH0704_Sustainable Prospects_Module IV_2018.  Brief Conduct and record a reflective presentation on your current photographic practice. Your presentation should critically examine the motivations and objectives behind your work in progress. You may wish to discuss the work you produced in the prior module(s) or even prior to your studies, if it…

  3. Short Video for Work In Progress

    Date 08 Dec 2018
    Here you will find a short video which has been designed to sit alongside a series of 18 images for my Work in Progress, which Can be found here.  It is in essence the 18th image.  Work in Progress Assignment Brief_PH0704_Module IV_2018. Brief Submit a portfolio of practical work completed during the…

  4. Philosphies of Photography as a Fine Art Form.

    Date 07 Dec 2018
     [Fisher : 2008] writes, ‘As Scott Walden, the editor of this collection of essays notes, photography “has become the darling of the avant-garde.” It appears that photography has become trendier than painting. One reason for this may be that while the nature and scope of painting has been thoroughly investigated…

  5. Colour, Texture and My Peers

    Date 06 Dec 2018
    Throughout this Module, I have been keenly aware of the great images produced by my peers, perhaps more so than in other Modules, both new people into this Module IV for me and development of skills of those around me in the same module.  I have watched with interest work…

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