1. FMP - Final Major Project & The Last Post. .

    20 Aug 2019
    As my last CRJ for this MA Photography, Falmouth University, I leave you with a few links to my final work; MAPPING 1. The entire project, AUDIO & A REVIEW An introduction to the Project, A PROJECT STATEMENT. ,and the FINAL IMAGES of the Portfolio for this Final Major Project as it comes to its conclusion It has…

  2. FMP - Final Major Project - References

    20 Aug 2019
    ABRIL L. 2018. On Abortion. Stockport : Dewi Lewis Publishing ABRIL L. 2014. The Epilogue. Stockport : Dewi Lewis Publishing ABRIL L. 2019. Laia Abril Website, Projects. [online] Available at [accessed 12th Jun.2019] ALBA C, CONNOR K et al. Becoming Image, Medicine and the Algorithmic Gaze. London: Digital Insides. Arts Catalyst Funding. 1996-1998. Image Monstrance. Body Visuals

  3. FMP - Stuart Franklin on the metaphor of landscape.

    20 Aug 2019
    Geological Society: North Fold, Broad Haven. Franklin S. 2018. Stone neolithic megaliths at the Cromeleque dos Almendres and nearby Évora, Portugal. Whilst I have been developing my work and creating images, delving down into the complex research of M.E, I realise that my background and earlier degree in Geology has…

  4. FMP - Mapping1, Mapping as Theme.

    17 Aug 2019
    In the Berlin Chronicle, Benjamin reflects on the possibility of giving memory a spatial form. He notes an enduring concern: 'I have long, indeed for years, played with the idea of setting out the sphere of life – bios – graphically on a map'. Walter Benjamin, (Gillock:2002,ch7).  He talks about maps, and…

  5. FMP - Final Thoughts and Guy Martin

    13 Aug 2019
    Over the last few weeks and as it comes to a close for my MA Photography, from Falmouth University, I have been thinking a lot about the Final Major Project (FMP). In particular the opportunities that develop, how to follow them through and how 6 months is such a short…

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