CRJ Complete Works

  1. Stella Baraklianou - Guest Lecture

    Date 21 Feb 2019
    Stella’s work has a wonderful unstructured flow and I love the way her work develops naturally and instinctively. She creates her opportunities, she stays very much with what she wants to do and manages to get wonderful access for establishing, collaborating on and developing her work. Very Impressive.  This talk has given

  2. Chris Coekin - Chewing the Cud - Guest Lecture.

    Date 20 Feb 2019
    Chris Coekin from a working class background in Leicester and he got into photography when he did a Graphics degree. He has been teaching at UCA for the last 14 years. His work is multi layered. He has worked in pop art and fun photography. Interested in music and collecting vinyls…

  3. Pecha Kucha - FMP presentation.

    Date 10 Feb 2019
    Our first task on returning after the Christmas break was to develop a Pecha Kucha Presentation which consists of 20 slides and 20 seconds to talk on each slide. Overall the presentation takes about 6-7mins. Within this we are asked to discuss our ideas for the Final Major Project and…

  4. Prioritising M.E/CFS Research for a photoshoot.

    Date 21 Jan 2019
    After searching for some time for UK funded research, I made an appointment to speak to Dr. Charles Shepherd, Head of M.E Association. He kindly agreed to talk me through the research, 21 Jan 2019, for M.E/CFS associated with the M.E Association and help me to prioritise where I might look for…

  5. Aline Smithson Mentoring Session I

    Date 07 Jan 2019
    I have covered Aline Smithson in a couple of blogs before, here and here, and mentioned that I planned a review with her for the 7th January 2019, during the last module. She was relatively easy to approach, her work has some similarities to my own but the main drawing…

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