CRJ Complete Works

  1. 4. Show and Tell

    Date 18 Oct 2018
    I wondered what is that stimulated my interest in Photography and it was down to two things. My father was an amateur photographer enthusiast who captured mainly, our numerous holidays on slide, that we were able to watch over and over at slide show evenings. I loved the slides and…

  2. Finding the Beauty in the image.

    Date 18 Oct 2018
    Finding the beauty in the images, somehow finds the beauty in the illness.  Having a little more time in this Module, due to me being a little more familiar with setting up a business, I have been able to free up more time for thinking about and creating my…

  3. Messum’s, Tif Hunter & Tin-Types

    Date 16 Oct 2018
    Drawn to an exhibition ‘Images’ which runs till 21st Oct 2018 at Wiltshire’s Messum’s wonderful art and multi-purpose galleries, I was lucky enough to experience both the exhibition and the wonderful production of tin-types with Tif Hunter.  The Exhibition ‘Image’ is definitely worth a visit if you have the time. Wonderful…

  4. Progress, both Surreal and Abstract.

    Date 14 Oct 2018
    Crawford Y. 2018. Series : Human Form. Hands Strangely this weeks activity on social media and my ultimate series of abstract images created for the purpose of seeing what creates interest, really got me thinking more abstractly and metaphorically about my work. How to best represent a journey of chronic…

  5. 3. The Digital - New Possibilities

    Date 14 Oct 2018
    Crawford Y. 2018. ‘Millions Missing’ Campaign Crawford Y. 2018. A lesson in Abstraction For me this weeks activity was more than just about familiarising myself with all the nuances of social media, but a chance to explore what images go viral, how you can disseminate your work, what appeals to…

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