1. In the future……?

    17 Oct 2019
    Just this evening I am tagged into an Instagram message, saying “This is a selfie of the inside of Me with M.E’, thank you Aelwen, your comment made my day and prompts me to write a little on the future of art….. How to communicate Science through art, in particular…

  2. FMP - Final Major Project & The Last Post. .

    20 Aug 2019
    As my last CRJ for this MA Photography, Falmouth University, I leave you with a few links to my final work; MAPPING 1. The entire project, AUDIO & A REVIEW An introduction to the Project, A PROJECT STATEMENT. ,and the FINAL IMAGES of the Portfolio for this Final Major Project as it comes to its conclusion It has…

  3. FMP - Stuart Franklin on the metaphor of landscape.

    20 Aug 2019
    Whilst I have been developing my work and creating images, delving down into the complex research of M.E, I realise that my background and earlier degree in Geology has made an impact within the project 'Mapping1'. Not so much to draw on the geomorphology of the land and its outlines, but…

  4. FMP - Mapping1, Mapping as Theme.

    17 Aug 2019
    In the Berlin Chronicle, Benjamin reflects on the possibility of giving memory a spatial form. He notes an enduring concern: 'I have long, indeed for years, played with the idea of setting out the sphere of life – bios – graphically on a map'. Walter Benjamin, (Gillock:2002,ch7).  He talks about maps, and…

  5. FMP - Final Thoughts and Guy Martin

    13 Aug 2019
    Over the last few weeks and as it comes to a close for my MA Photography, from Falmouth University, I have been thinking a lot about the Final Major Project (FMP). In particular the opportunities that develop, how to follow them through and how 6 months is such a short…

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