FMP - F2F The Living Image, A Lecture “Why we need art in science?”

I see an email go around to present at the FF The Living Image Conference 2019 at Falmouth University for the MA students. Without thinking, I think of why my work might be a little different from other Final Major Project (FMP) students and decide to complete and submit an expression of interest and apply. I am accepted before I know it and thrown into more work than I had anticipated to pull it altogether. However, the whole process really consolidates my thinking around my FMP.

Compared to my peers, who are in the last weeks or finished their FMP, I am just on the beginning of my journey. As usual and once over the hiccup of moving from a personal journey looking out to one thats looking in, I start to pull ideas together on my project for this presentation. 

This is presented at the Conference on the Sunday along with five other presenters, Alexander, Sarah, Ant, Matus and Daniel. I am fourth in the queue and the tension builds before I get to present, watching them all able to participate with the audience and deliver creative presentations, I am suddenly feeling really nervous. However, after a slightly nervous start I get into the presentation. I am thrown, a little,  again by some slides that have lost their text in the compression of all presentations in order to present back to back. I eventually settle into it and deliver what I want to stay. In future I would relax more, try to enjoy and not feel I have to cover every point! 

You can play the video here, I have corrected for the missing text and added in the audio for ease. 

Following the presentation we open the floor up to questions. This was off to a slow start but kicked off with a question by Wendy McMurdo there followed a few interesting and thought provoking questions. For example; how did we select our research, how did we feel that collaborative work played a part, would we change anything in how we approached the first four modules of the course. This question time felt useful and I hope that there will be a repeat for follow up conferences. 

My peers delivered presentations on a variety of subjects; Sarah on her work on plastic found on the beach delivered a casual and easily explained presentation of her work. Daniel, delivered on his project around sea side resorts and liminality. Matus delivered a finished FMP and his work with an NGO on the ongoing issues and damage left behind following ISIS insertions. Alexandra delivered her take on the use strange perplexities of animal cruelty and wildlife issues. Ant finished with his story on his grandmother and her belongings and how it’s influenced his life and family members. All with different presenting styles, sometimes more relaxed and less dense than mine, so I have a lot to learn still about presentation style. I think the overall outcome was successful

This was a great event to be part of and I hope they will invite me back post MA to present on the experience again. A sort of before and after FMP experience!

CRAWFORD Y. 2019. Why we need art in science? Vimeo. [online] Available at

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