FMP - Collaborative Work & Licensing, Press release and Editorials

For my final major project I decided to do three photographic shoots at three scientific Institutions to discover more about the research behind M.E/CFS. As mentioned in Prioritising M.E/CFS for a photographic shoot, I contacted Dr Charles Shepherd, Head of the M.E Association to go through relevant research and that which might be involve good imagery for photographing. He gave me a list of contacts and I approached a few of these. Separately, I approached the International Invest in M.E Research body (IIMEC). They kindly agreed to email their connections and put me in contact with the Quadram Institute of Biosciences in Norwich. So, I ended up with three shoots two of which were collaborations. 


More detail on each individual photographic shoot, the day and the edits, can be found here. Shoot 1, Shoot 2, Shoot 3

Shoot 1. Non Collaborative. 14th Feb. 2019. Clinical Imaging and Science Centre (CISC) in Brighton. I contacted Professor Harrison and head of the unit and the first shoot happened quickly with just a couple of days notice.  This was the only non-collaborative shoot of the three, and Professor Harrison was happy for me just to come along and take photographs for the day. I managed to time it with the end of a clinical trial on post-exertional malaise in M.E/CFS patients. This involved taking photographs of a participant, exercise tests, an MRI scanner and subsequent brain scans during the day.  A consent form was signed with the centre and with the Participant and no Photographers release was required as this was not a collaboration for images in return for access to the Unit and the trial day. Here you can see contact sheets from the Day’s shoot. Digital and analogue.

Shoot 2 - A Collaboration. 26-28th March 2019. Quadram Institute of Biosciences (QIB). This photographic shoot came about after an email to the International Invest in M.E Research. (IIMEC), with the aim of helping support research centres publicise their research on M.E/CFS. They agreed that they would be interested in a photographer working with them to promote the research at the IIMEC14 Conference in London, and the invest in ME team sent an email out to several of their affiliated research centres. The QIB were quick to come back saying they wanted work of 4 PhD students to be promoted. Much like the condition their work in some ways was hidden too! So the dates were set up for late March over three days. Three zoom meetings followed with both Professor Carding, Andrew Chapple, Communications Manager and the 4 PhD researchers prior to the shoot. A Photographers Release Agreement was set up and Consent Forms were signed with the Institution and the 4 individual researchers. This was a three month free licence, ensuring copyright and no printing other than editorials was agreed. (See below for Paperwork). This was quickly turned around with no issues. Additionally a press release ’Art and Science Uncover M.E was agreed pre Exhibition at the IIMEC14. Since time was pressurised I set up the press release in an ‘interview-style’ which allowed each party to contribute. It was released just in time. Overall, I had three weeks only to produce a set of images for their use (x60) and for the press release and the images for the Exhibition.  Here you can see clips of the press release, 4x PhD student images and the contact sheets for the day’s shoots. Digital and Analogue.

Shoot 3. A Collaboration. 3rd & 4th April 2019. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) & M.E Association (MEA). This was a collaboration between the LSHTM and the MEA in order to develop a  two-page editorial in the M.E Association Magazine as well as supply LSHTM with a set of images again in return for access to the research on M.E/CFS. So dates were agreed in early April to spend two half days meeting with a participant for blood and other tests, the blood to be frozen at the Royal Free Hospital where the Biobank was situated and then back to LSHTM to photograph the research. 

A Photographers Release Agreement was necessary to outline the collaboration and the potential areas that the images could be utilised in along with a time frame for an agreed free license period of three months, which nicely tied in with me finishing my MA. Consent Forms were signed with the Institution and the Participant. 

In the case of the LSHTM and MEA, the agreements reflected each other giving both exclusive use (with the exception of the other) for three months. I agreed to edit the images for his collaboration post June and once the IIMEC conference was over, knowing that I would have little time before.  The images are all edited (x43) just the editorial for the MEA to draw up for the Autumn issue. Here are the contact sheets for the 2 day’s shoot. Digital and Analogue. 


Charging a Fee or not? After speaking to a couple of tutors with varying thoughts on whether I charge for my time, I decide it was appropriate for the research as I am not yet! a professional photographer to do this free of charge for a short period of time, 3 months only. This, in all cases allowed me to get access to the research and in some cases archival images to develop images for my FMP. Following the end of the three month fee free period, I can then charge for further use of the images. I had not allowed for printing other than for agreed editorials, so that they could purchase images to be framed directly from me. This hopefully would recoup some of the set up costs. I drew up the photographers release agreements based upon the AOP’s agreements and terms and conditions.

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