FMP - Conference Exhibition Space & Planning, 31st May 2019. 1.

ICE. One George Street

Great Hall.

Gold Easel

Nicola and Black Stand

Lecture Hall

Central Hall First Floor.

I will be exhibiting my images, on the 31st May 2019, as part of the International Invest in ME Conference 14, (IIMEC14) at One Great George Street London. This is a beautiful Edwardian Building, housing four domes. It is the headquarters for the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and mainly used as a conference centre and for weddings. One Great George Street was built for ICE between 1910 and 1913 and was the result of an architectural competition won by James Miller RSA (1860-1947). His winning design was priced at £77,126 and is an example of the steel-frame technology in Britain, using 1,227 tons of steel. 

So, a beautiful building, one to expensive for me to hire my own room, but as agreed as part of the collaboration the IIMEC14 will fund my stands. The exhibition will take place in The Great Hall where the conference attendees, including researchers, sufferers, clinicians, carers involved with M.E/CFS will break out from the main conference at coffee breaks and lunch time. Approximately 180-200 people will attend in total. The rooms in the Great Hall are panelled and they don't allow for hanging.  So after speaking with Nicola Gazmuri-Symmes, The Events Executive at One George Street, the Invest in ME organisers and the Quadram Centre, we decided that I would exhibit on two 6x4 stands plus two gold easels for framed images, near to the Quadram Institute Stand.  I was sort of expecting wall hanging to be available but this seems like a good option and I will be directly involved and in the mix of things, rather than a room off the main conference where I will be hoping that people will make their way to me. 

I have spent some time sketching out how to position the images on the stands with A3 or A2 sized prints.  ( see image above)

Here is part of the discussions I had with Nicola at One George street on sizing for the Boards and Easels, all made easier when she said there would be room for two black Boards 6x4' and two gold easels. 

So I will be able to print 11 images in total, 2 of which will be framed for the easels. 

4 of the 10 images will be focused on the PhD student work, one each and the remainder will be my interpretation of the science behind M.E/CFS for my FMP and Mapping ProjectI

There will be room for an artist statement either as A3 or A4 and short Biographies from each of the four PhD students on their individual work. 

So it was agreed that I had should have two stands at 6x4 black, onto which I can place the images, bios and artist statement with sticky pads and the two gold easels to exhibit a couple of framed images. There will be other exhibitors at the conference and so my Boards will be in the mix of these. I am not sure exactly where at this stage. This looks a little cluttered but I hope to be able to make a model to scale and move some small images around to see what looks best. 

The real bonus is that there will be nearly 200 people attending the conference and this is great exposure for me both with the public audience and the more defined clinical audience. It will be both public and targeted facing since, many there will not only be sufferers of M.E/CFS, but carers or just interested public attendees for the conference on the day. The stands will be set alongside the Quadram BioSciences Stand as the project has been collaborative and to show the work of four PhD students  as well as work for my FMP.

Additionally, I am hoping I have time to do this create a small video for laptop display which individuals can listen to with head phones. This can be set on a separate table top stand or on the Quadram stand. 

Also I will need to update my business cards and artist statements, as well as check the bios from the PhD students. So back to creating the images!

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