FMP - Lukas Birk GL on Books.

It was interesting and inspirational to hear Lukas Birk, talk about his publications including prints, images, images set into boxes as special editions, prints and size of images. This is all really relevant since I decided to make a hand-made book, that was 250mm x180mm in size and that meant that full spread needed to be printed on A2 sheets, on both sides. This made the original copies expensive, so I kept this to a limited edition of 30. I could have sensibly reduced this to 10. Offering the images boxed as another option to receive some of the images from the book seemed also like a lovely option for the future. For the artist talk I intend to produce some postcards. These are really excellent ways of making additional money on your publications. 

His suggestions on sending actual books to publishers rather than pdfs which in his words ’are more tactile’ also seems like a sensible option. The book as an object helps consolidate ideas and specifics on the content as well as the text.  Each one although it looks like the finished version, is always a work in progress for Lucas. This was really reassuring, since there were some improvements I would like to attempt on a future version. 

This guest lecture made me think about the format of my book, and whether it could be prepared in a version that would lend itself more to the science or more towards the art. In the short term though, I like the idea of selling the images in small boxes as special editions. The Lecture, really made me consider why I wanted to make a book in the first place. Consolidation of a project was my main reason. 

I realised too, that I need to show my book finished in a better way and will set this up as a new video and shots of each page, so that the reader can can view the book in more detail. Here is a third version of a video showing my first completed, hand-made book ’Mapping 1; An art science collaboration’. 

In each version, the video changed as I learned to trim, crop, reduce the sound of the audio and introduce models hands. Then added images of each spread of pages so that the viewer can read each page or at least see the set up. The short presentation really encouraged me to look for more materials for book making, from covers for soft and hard back books, converting soft-back books to hard, as well as investigating different types of paper. I am happy with the finished hand made special editions and looking forward to making further versions. 

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