FMP - Nicola Rigby, A Sculptor and sufferer of M.E

I was keen to find a multidisciplinary artist that would do a review on my images and was thinking of a photographer. I had previously approached Aline Smithson, whose schedule was too full this summer and in retrospect was not exactly what I was looking for. I had been in discussion with Nicola Rigby last year and we had completed a photographic shoot on her and her work together and we have kept in touch since. In conversation with her more recently it seemed that she was fully qualified to do a review for my and my work. Both as an artists, sculptor and a sufferer of M.E. She had originally qualified in drama specialising in the development of scripts during the acting, and her expertise on a variety of literature is outstanding. Nicola developed a keen interest in anatomy and physiology when her own illnesses brought her career to a halt  in her early 20s. She decided to take up sculpting using traditional methods only taught in Florence and in a small place in North Devon. Even with her debilitating illness she has made great advances in developing her sculpting skills, and I only hope one day we can do something collaborative. 

Nicola's review can be found here

She also later agreed to do an audio to support my images and something I had been wanting to do since the IIMEC14 conference in London, where it became clear that it was important to personalise the work in some way. I have added the audio to the images and presented the audio during my 'Artist Talk', which can be found here

The review and the audio make an important part of my outcomes for this project. Recording life with M.E and about her 'self' as well as the review of my work, help me place the work more effectively, it helps with humanising the work, adding 'self' into the abstraction, adding a touch of reality. It draws the observer in allowing the reality of the illness to slow mingle amongst the images. I create a small set of images to go with the audio, hopefully reflecting the struggle to remain visible. 

CRAWFORD Y. 2019. Living at the Tide Line. Vimeo. [online] Available at

RIGBY N. 2019. Welcome to my Studio. Website. [online] Available at

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