FMP - Printing and Framing for Exhibition.

The printing and preparation took up a lot of time, preparing small files for web, larger files for print and test strips. 

Sizing Images: Never being formerly trained in photoshop, I tend to just work on the raw file that I have saved. I always photograph in raw, so luckily this gave me a decent images size., I also tend to photograph in landscape so this almost by chance fit with A3 and was relatively easily scaleable to A4. The resolution 240 on a raw file, made not much difference on test prints with 300 even at the larger sizes. 

Board exhibition Size. 6’x4’ and after a few calculations, and size of venue I decided on A2 images with a few A3 scattered in between as discussed in Conference Exhibition Space & Planning, 31st May 2019. 1 and pre-planning stage. 

Printing & Cost. 

After purchasing samples of different paper and comparing to a standard satin paper I buy from WH Smiths for most of my home printing, was really the only place I could start. I was aware right from the beginning that many of my images were going to be bright colours and would need at least a satin to bring out the strength of those colours. A new graphic designer and black and white photographer opened a new gallery in my village, fortunately for me and he agreed to print in stages so that we could see the results of the work. 

I had 14 images to print both, 9xA2 and  3xA3, 1xA3 and another 24x70cms.  I had to consider that these were going to be placed on the boards with stickers and I am not sure if the adhesive could be pulled off later without damaging the prints. ( I was only allowed to use the stickers supplied by the conference venue itself).  I priced all the images at the following printers;

  • Printspace London. Total. £548.94
  • BretonSide Plymouth.Total. £676.96
  • Formatrix, Exeter. In the end were too busy to quote. 
  • Sherewood Gallery, Ashburton. Total. £150

I chose Sherewood Gallery in the end, as it enabled me to have a lot more time to sit and work out what was needed. Mark prints on all sorts of paper for different effects for his own analogue work, so I was fairly sure he could handle this task for me. I have to mention Sherewood gallery and Mark Burley who gave me plenty of time, spending at least 3hours with me in the first sitting, supporting me with size of images, photoshop techniques, preparation for print. Then more hours at later sittings and only charging me for the actual prints. The first four images were of the PhD researchers and we decided to print in matt, due to the possible light reflections at the Conference venue. In fact they worked well at the venue but I felt they were a little flat, and was a little disappointed.

I then decided to go for an Epsom gloss paper for the remainder of Abstract images and would hope by tilting the Display Boards in slightly at the conference, I could counteract some of the light. They were also not being framed so no additional glass reflection to deal with. I was really pleased with these images and they brought out the colour perfectly. We were worried about some of the depth of colours and the ability of the C-Type Epsom printer to enhance the colour, particularly the greens, but they really were great. I did have some problems later with the reflection, which I discuss below. 

Framing: I was recommended a Framer in Plymouth by a local photographer friend who exhibits all over the world and had tried various framers. So Sean at Art-Frame Solutions, proved to be helpful and reasonably priced. I had 3 images framed for the conference, A2, 1x 30x70cms, plus two others, one A3 and one A4 for myself and it all came to £180.

Exhibition/Conference. Mentioned later in IIMEC14 Conference & Exhibition.I knew it would be a gamble with the glossy paper I had chosen as I had such bright colours and a lot of detail in some of the images. Having no glass and being unframed helped. The images of the 4 PhD researchers were printed onto matt paper, as I mention above, and these were  absolutely fine but less bright and the colour not as successful. The large chandeliers and volume of other lights didn’t help and so there was some reflection on the images, but not as much as I had anticipated and felt overall my gamble had paid off. The reflection on some of the gloss images was fine, where I was able to get them so sit exactly flat against the Board. Other bowed a little which caused more reflection and it was these that I spent time going back to to straighten off and on throughout the day.

In fact, on the day it seemed to be only me that was concerned and no-one noticed or struggled to see the images or mentioned any reflection, so I felt happy with the outcome, cost and everything I had learned to get these images prepared for the exhibition. I also felt really well prepared for any future exhibitions.

BURLEY M. 2019. Sherewood Gallery. Facebook. [online] Available at

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