FMP - QIB PhD Research Teams, Pre-Shoot Meetings.

In order to ensure we all get the maximum out of the few days I intend to visit the QIB centre, I set up two meetings with the researchers before my visit at the end of March, this followed an earlier on line meeting I had with Professor Carding and Andrew Chapple, Head of Media & Communications;

a) 22nd February 2019, to meet the team and discuss ideas for the photoshoot and 

b) 22nd March 2019, just prior to the shoot for any last minute queries. 

Here are a couple of short clips, just a few minutes of two 20min meetings held via Zoom. 

It becomes clear from these meetings, that there are lots of ideas and the days will need structured when I get to the Institute. The move into the new building is disruptive and although they will have settled in three weeks before I arrive, it is clear not all the equipment will have arrived and it will need validating prior to use. This will cut down on some of the images I had intended to shoot, images from stool samples and working apparatus reflecting the movement of food through the bowel etc. One researcher is on maternity leave and will not be able to make it for the shoot for more than a couple of hours, during one of the days. Otherwise, they were all keen, very interested and supportive of working with me for a few days at the QIB Centre in Norwich. Other points discussed were papers for upcoming research meetings, health and safety issues, availability of key people, discussion about the images and how they might be created, the need to document as much as I could as well as their own imagery from their work, the need for good visuals, an attempt to define the volume of bacteria and viruses, in their trillions, perspective, discussions on the need to publicise their work and for it not to be ‘hidden’ like the condition is, bringing the research more into the public eye is needed. I explained that I would need to manage my own time too. I structured the days with them so they all had a rough idea of a schedule before I arrive.  As happy as I was to fit in with all of them, they were also keen to fit in with me and my M.E.

CRAWFORD Y. 2019. QIB 2nd Meeting with the Research Team.Vimeo [online] Available at

CRAWFORD Y, 2019. QIB 3rd Meeting with the Research Team. Vimeo [online] Available at

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