FMP - Shoot 2 - Quadram Institute of Biosciences, Norwich.

The second shoot of 3 for my FMP is now complete. An agreed collaboration between the Quadram Institute Biosciences (QIB) and myself. 

BackgroundDaniel, Ernie, Fiona and Katherine were at different stages of their PhDs, Daniel just completed his work and off to Washington to present his paper and the others a couple of years in. All of their work importantly, is looking at gut health, the inflammatory processes, viruses and bacteria that live naturally or unnaturally within the gut. Daniel was exploring the secondary bile effect, a second production of bile and ints implications in M.E/CFS, whilst Ernie and Katherine explored different aspects of the inflammatory responses, auto-immune and unnatural in the gut and its implication in inflammation in the brain. ‘Brain Homing’ and ‘Viromes’, collections of viruses and their genetic elements, the bacterial dysfunction causing chronic inflammation in the gut, ‘leaky gut’ directly influencing brain inflammation. An explanation for the cognitive difficulties and brain fog in M.E/CFS as well as other neurological implications. 

Objective: I hoped to document images of pretty much everything I saw, from the PhD students, their work, the laboratories and the images taken or supplied from the ongoing research. Nearly three full days spent exploring their work, them talking me through the work completed at the QIB and the odd coffee here and there left me exhausted but exhilarated all at the same time. So much made sense from my own experience of the disease area compared to the ongoing research. I hope to use the images from the two days to describe the ambiguity, the unknown science, unknown as it is for the disease itself in a way that will hopefully describe what it is like to live with an unknown and chronic illness for a long period of time. 

I broke the shoot up over the three days, so that we all had a clear plan. 

Day 1: Discussion around the PhD student individual work, photographs in and of the new research building and its laboratories. Andrew Chapple ( Media and Communications) kindly took a few photographs of me working with the students. 

Day 2: Portrait photography and discussions around images that they could supply me of their own work with individual bios for the exhibition at the International Invest in ME Conference (IINVME14) at the end of May. 

Day 3: A recap of the work completed with all including Professor Simon Carding Head of Biosciences, and Andrew Chapple, Media and Communications. We also visited the old and now derelict premises, which made for some interesting comparative photographs and a chance to do a few more portraits in a completely different environment. 

We wrapped up by discussing my work to be exhibited at the IINVME14, sharing of tables complimentary images of the PhD student work as a mix with my own development of images for my FMP. The possibility of a press release and images to be assigned to this from my work. This could be in the form of an interview, photographer with M.E research for Masters degree at Falmouth University. But this is all still to be confirmed. Additionally the QIB agreed to follow through with the organisers of the exhibition, to ensure that all goes smoothly for the exhibition. I have worked on a few images but there is still much to do in April to consolidate it all in time. 

Summary: I was fairly well prepared, but there was a lot to think about during these days, to manage relationships and organise around the researchers work and timetables and my own fatigue. I think I could have done more on the portrait work, developing more personal images that related to their work. However, I will attempt to do this, as planned, through my images and layering where necessary. I was pleased I used film and digital and have rephotographed work such as that seen in the images above. So I have an interesting time ahead to pull all of this work together. 

These are a selection of the final edits given to the QIB as part of the collaboration and three month Photographers Release Agreement

Final Edits: PhD Researcher Murals. 

Final Edits: New Building

Final Edits: Old Building

Final Edits: Portraits

From these images, my own and archival images I went onto develop further abstract images for the IIMEC Conference on the 31st May, 

Archival Images: These images were collected by the researchers and sent to me either before or after the the shoot. They came in all sizes and shapes and needed a lot of post editing before I could utilise them for the abstract images. 

From a selection of these images I went onto develop further abstract images for the IIMEC Conference on the 31st May, 

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