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  1. Strange Fire, Robert Calafiore

    23 Oct 2018

    I am definitely a little obsessed with X-ray and reverse images as a way of expressing human form in an abstract way. I have been inverting images since I started on the course and mainly applied this to my ‘absent landscape’ series with some success. Recently, however, I came across…

  2. Progress, Both Surreal and Abstract.

    14 Oct 2018

    Crawford Y. 2018. Series : Human Form. Hands Strangely this weeks activity on social media and my ultimate series of abstract images created for the purpose of seeing what creates interest, really got me thinking more abstractly and metaphorically about my work. How to best represent a journey of chronic…

  3. Unfinished Stories 2, Pete.

    28 Sep 2018

    Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete In the middle of a stressful week, I squeezed in this shoot with Pete, an ‘M.E Warrior and…

  4. Unfinished Stories 1, Anon.

    27 Sep 2018

    Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Already suffering with a rare and hereditary form of Ricketts, this young lady exhibits all the qualities of an…

  5. A. A view on Phototherapy as a Workshop

    22 Jul 2018

    HOW TO? is my big question.  Yas Crawford. 2018. The Art of Chronic Illness. Chance C. 2018. Soul apothecary I am hugely aware that the lack of a way of managing the workshop will result in no focus and so have created abstract images on which the participant is free to…

  6. Three Surfaces, My Overall View

    15 Jul 2018

    For more detailed information, see individual blogs entitled ‘A Workshop, B Exhibition & C Publication ’.  This week has been great in pulling my ideas together, for the Exhibition, Workshop and Publication. Having been a little more involved with the organisation of these three projects in isolation, I now realise, the importance…

  7. B. Exhibition & ‘Landings’ 2018

    05 Jul 2018

    Summary of work exhibited Minitiaure images displayed on glass Marketing materials Questionnaire Early visitors the Film ‘Unrest’ is in progress. Vegan snacks Go ‘Blue For M.E’ In my First Exhibition I encountered many positive and negative aspects to the way in which I had managed the exhibition. As you…

  8. A. Workshop. ‘The Art of Chronic Illness’ Workshop.

    05 Jul 2018

    I guess, this weeks work has enabled me to think more globally about my work. When considering the three elements of surfaces and strategies,  A) a publication, B) a second exhibition and C) a workshop. I have really had to think about my audience and what they might get from each of…

  9. Wired and Tired.

    28 Jun 2018

    For my ongoing photographic work on M.E/CFS and chronic illness, I am interested in the overactivity of the body responding to stimuli it seems of almost any sort! The confusion the brain gets itself into, the mix up in central sensitivity causing the body to think it is awake at night and…

  10. Biomarkers & Spatial Vision

    20 Jun 2018

    Since I have had a couple of not-so-good days, I thought I would revert to writing about M.E/CFS. Its important for me to have a scientific element to my photography and so I thought it would be a useful exercise to refresh myself on the science and see how I…

  11. ´A Broken Biochemistry’ Photographic Exhibition.

    10 Jun 2018

    During our break between Modules and for M.E Awareness Week I decided, a little last minute, to support and create awareness for this unknown condition. I decided to show a film on M.E in combination with  a small exhibition my work entitles ‘A Broken Biochemistry’. On going work on M.E/CFS and chronic…

  12. Inspiration & Struggle.

    12 Mar 2018

    Body’s shut down. Yas Crawford Photography Personal Diary. Yas Crawford Photography Visiting and chatting on the phone to M.E/CFS sufferers/volunteers over the last couple of weeks who are interested in helping me with my MA Photography project on M.E/CFS and Chronic Illness, has made me realise, just how difficult life…

  13. Frozen in Time.

    06 Mar 2018

    Frozen in time. Yas Crawford Photography. Since today was one of those strange days with M.E, when you wake feeling refreshed and hopeful of a better day ahead, I thought it would be useful to note exactly what happened. I am sure this will be familiar to all those with M.E,…

  14. A Little on M.E/CFS, Learning New Skills.

    02 Feb 2018

    Fermented Prebiotics, Yas Crawford Photography. Learning New Skills, Jo Spence. Turmeric, Yas Crawford Photography. Ginger and Lemons, Yas Crawford Photography. Goji Berries, Yas Crawford Photography. I will from time to time just write a short blog on M.E/CFS in order to re-evaluate where I am with the project, to enlighten…

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