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  1. Sustainable Prospects - References

    08 Dec 2018

    Crawford Y. 2018. Leaf 1. ANTONINI M. MINNITI S, GOMEZ F, LUNGARELLA G, BENDANDI L. 2015 Experimental Photography, A Handbook of Techniques. New York Times : Thames and Hudson.  BAKER S, de LECOTAIS E. 2018. The Shape of Light. London : Tate Publishing.  BLAUSTEIN J. 2015. This week in Photography Books :…

  2. References: Surfaces & Strategies

    23 Aug 2018

    AHMED N. GOTTLOB I. PROUDLOCK F. HUTCHINSON C. 2018. Restricted Spatial Windows of Visibility in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Vision 2(1). [online] at, [accessed 20th Jun.2018] AZOULAY A, 2016. Photography Consists of Collaboration: Susan Meiselas, Wendy Ewald, and Ariella Azoulay. Camera Obscura 31 (1 (91)): 187-201.  [online] available at  (Links to an external site.)Links to an

  3. References-Informing Contexts

    22 Apr 2018

    Abstract , Yas Crawford Photography ARTICLES, JOURNALS & CHAPTERS AMZAT, J, RAZIM O. 2014:21-30. ‘Health, Disease and Illness as Conceptual Tools’. Medical Sociology in Africa. South Africa: Springer BRIGHT, D. 1985. ‘Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men : An Inquiry into the Cultural Meanings of Landscape Photography’.  Exposure 23(1) [online] at…

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