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  1. FMP - Final Major Project & The Last Post. .

    20 Aug 2019

    As my last CRJ for this MA Photography, Falmouth University, I leave you with a few links to my final work; MAPPING 1. The entire project, AUDIO & A REVIEW An introduction to the Project, A PROJECT STATEMENT. ,and the FINAL IMAGES of the Portfolio for this Final Major Project as it comes to its conclusion It has…

  2. FMP - Stuart Franklin on the metaphor of landscape.

    20 Aug 2019

    Geological Society: North Fold, Broad Haven. Franklin S. 2018. Stone neolithic megaliths at the Cromeleque dos Almendres and nearby Évora, Portugal. Whilst I have been developing my work and creating images, delving down into the complex research of M.E, I realise that my background and earlier degree in Geology has…

  3. FMP - Mapping1, Mapping as Theme.

    17 Aug 2019

    In the Berlin Chronicle, Benjamin reflects on the possibility of giving memory a spatial form. He notes an enduring concern: 'I have long, indeed for years, played with the idea of setting out the sphere of life – bios – graphically on a map'. Walter Benjamin, (Gillock:2002,ch7).  He talks about maps, and…

  4. FMP - Juana Gomez, a multidisciplinary artist.

    12 Aug 2019

    Today only I come across the artist, Juana Gomez, a Chilean multidisciplinary artist, who’s work touches on my own. It reminds me of Cognition I and II with Neurocognitive Dysfunction. The intertwining of the land and geomorphology with the human body, its anatomy, lymphatic systems and blood vessels is beautiful and…

  5. FMP - In Conversation with Lara Tabet.

    12 Aug 2019

    In order to place my work contextually I approached a couple of contemporary Photographers, Lara Tabets’ work was one and pointed out to me by my supervisor on seeing the work at Arles Recontres.  I followed this up to see if I could view more of her images in detail…

  6. FMP - Helen Chadwick & Viral Landscapes revisited.

    10 Aug 2019

    I mention Helen Chadwick's work in the F2F conference in Falmouth and in my talk on 'Why we need art in science'. I am returning to it now as on further reading and following a review of my Critical Review of Practice by a tutor. There are important links with my…

  7. FMP - Interoception, Enactivism & Reflection.

    29 Jul 2019

    I return to write on this some time later, although the reading was done a little earlier. Its taken time to absorb the importance of this reading and I hope to express a little of the findings here. The link between my own emotional behaviour identified during one shoot and…

  8. FMP - Ambiguities and Conventions in the perspective of visual art.

    10 Jul 2019

    I wanted to explore more on ambiguity as way of visualising the unknown in art and found a paper by Pascal Mamassian who highlights the need for ambiguity.  He writes that…. 'Every vision scientist has an opinion about visual arts, apparently all of them different, and these opinions are frequently…

  9. FMP - Ambiguities and Conventions in the perspective of visual art.

    10 Jul 2019

    I wanted to explore more on ambiguity as way of visualising the unknown in art and found a paper by Pascal Mamassian who highlights the need for ambiguity.  He writes that…. 'Every vision scientist has an opinion about visual arts, apparently all of them different, and these opinions are frequently…

  10. FMP - On ‘Introception’ & an invite to exhibit in Rome

    22 May 2019

    As you may beginning to realise I have completed three photographic shoots, one at the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre in Brighton (CISC), and which this blog is related to, another at the Quadram Institute in Norwich and another at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  Pre my visit…

  11. FMP - PhotoLondon

    19 May 2019

    Having decided to go on a quieter day, Friday 17th May, I had hoped for more time to view. Although this was the case, as always its never enough time to absorb and revisit everything you might want to see! I started in the main exhibition square followed by each…

  12. FMP - Kelly Wilder on Photography and Science

    25 Apr 2019

    With my love of art in photography and fine art and attempting to develop this through my FMP work, I fell upon the book Photography and Science by Kelly Wilder. I was particularly interested in the chapter on Art and Scientific Photograph. What 20th Century Art is not influenced by

  13. FMP - Vivienne Cooper Smith - Placing my work.

    22 Mar 2019

    I was directed towards Vivienne Cooper Smith and her work which shows a developed thinking process around image making and curating. I will touch on three of her projects and how it makes me consider how I approach my own work, contextualise and curate it. How my objective of drawing us consciously…

  14. FMP - Caroline Malloy, On Research.

    18 Mar 2019

    Caroline runs a successful editorial practice. Photography became a way of making money so she went back to University to do an MA in Anthropology. Caroline walks us through her process for her body of work Untouched Copy and The Deportman Guide.  She photographed photographic studios. she photographed everything,…

  15. FMP - David Fathi, Limits of Knowledge, Limits of Power.

    14 Mar 2019

    WOW, I have just watched the David Fathi lecture and find so many similarities to my own. I have even been developing images with Phages and Landscape, not the same but with the same or similar thought process. That the phages I am working on are an integral part in…

  16. FMP - F2F The Living Image - Group Critiques

    12 Mar 2019

    I underwent four group critiques with altogether 10 tutors and my peers of course. I am quite early into my FMP and not all my shoots are completed and so I developed a series of images that I have been working on to date for discussion. As always I do…

  17. FMP - F2F The Living Image Conference - Guest Lectures

    11 Mar 2019

    The Living Image Conference and second conference I have attended was created for those studying their MA Photography at Falmouth University, whether that be full time or Part time and part of the flexible learning course. I attended last years event, but this year an extra day was added and…

  18. FMP - F2F Stella Baraklianou, Lecture.

    21 Feb 2019

    Stella’s work has a wonderful unstructured flow and I love the way her work develops naturally and instinctively. She creates her opportunities, she stays very much with what she wants to do and manages to get wonderful access for establishing, collaborating on and developing her work. Very Impressive.  This talk has given

  19. FMP - Chris Coekin, Chewing the Cud.

    20 Feb 2019

    Chris Coekin Photographer, is from a working class background in Leicester and he got into photography when he did a Graphics degree. He has been teaching at UCA for the last 14 years. His work is multi layered. He has worked in pop art and fun photography. Interested in music and…

  20. FMP - Aline Smithson Mentoring Session I

    07 Jan 2019

    I have covered Aline Smithson in a couple of blogs before, here and here, and mentioned that I planned a review with her for the 7th January 2019, during the last module. She was relatively easy to approach, her work has some similarities to my own but the main drawing…

  21. FMP - Wolfgang Tillmann ‘Freishwimmer’

    07 Jan 2019

    Sarah Schonfeld, really led me to thinking about cameraless techniques in order to produce abstraction within my images and I come across Wolfgan Tillman. His traces of colour and abstract structures are beautiful. Tillman made this work – the result of a photochemical process using neither a camera nor a negative…

  22. FMP - Sarah Schonfeld, ‘All you can feel’,

    05 Jan 2019

    SCHONFELD S. 2013. Ketamine SCHONFELD S. 2013. LSD SCHONFELD S. 2013. Adrenaline. When looking at contemporary photographers and science in their art work, I intend to try to decipher what they do and why; What are their backgrounds? What stimulates them to do the work they do? How do they do…

  23. SP - Sustainable Prospects - References

    08 Dec 2018

    Crawford Y. 2018. Leaf 1. ANTONINI M. MINNITI S, GOMEZ F, LUNGARELLA G, BENDANDI L. 2015 Experimental Photography, A Handbook of Techniques. New York Times : Thames and Hudson.  BAKER S, de LECOTAIS E. 2018. The Shape of Light. London : Tate Publishing.  BLAUSTEIN J. 2015. This week in Photography Books :…

  24. SP - Philosophies of Photography as a Fine Art Form.

    07 Dec 2018

     [Fisher : 2008] writes, ‘As Scott Walden, the editor of this collection of essays notes, photography “has become the darling of the avant-garde.” It appears that photography has become trendier than painting. One reason for this may be that while the nature and scope of painting has been thoroughly investigated…

  25. SP - Felicity McCabe Interview.

    04 Dec 2018

    It was really interesting to hear Felicity McCabe discuss her career, in this weeks activity, and how she approached and almost fell into photography. Although she had always carried a camera with her. Her first position was with Nadav Kander Photographer Her freelance work over five years, which gave her areal…

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