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  1. SS - Surfaces & Strategies, References.

    23 Aug 2018

    AHMED N. GOTTLOB I. PROUDLOCK F. HUTCHINSON C. 2018. Restricted Spatial Windows of Visibility in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Vision 2(1). [online] at, [accessed 20th Jun.2018] AZOULAY A, 2016. Photography Consists of Collaboration: Susan Meiselas, Wendy Ewald, and Ariella Azoulay. Camera Obscura 31 (1 (91)): 187-201.  [online] available at  (Links to an external site.)Links to an

  2. SS - Oral Presentation, ‘Emotional, A Journey through space and time. Module III

    23 Aug 2018

    ‘Emotional. A journey through space and time’.  This video has been produced as one of three assignments for the surfaces and strategies Module of an MA Photography at Falmouth University.  The presentation covers the journey of emotions through space and time It tells a story of a journey through  M.E/CFS and chronic illness and my

  3. SS - On David Salle, Ideas for Curation and my future work.

    23 Aug 2018

    After speaking to my tutors and colleagues and thinking about future exhibitions and installations I am referred to David Salle by one of my peers. David Salle is an American painter, printmaker and stage designer who helped design post modern sensibility. I am looking at his paintings presented in diptychs…

  4. SS - Considering the work of my Peers

    22 Aug 2018

    Gem Toes-Chricton, Nephrectomy Philip Morris, Jo-Ana Dayana Marconi, [I’ma:.go:] Sarah Newton, Beauty and the Beach,’ re-skewed’ Ensuring I seek permission, I am so pleased to be able to write up on a few colleagues work as a comparison to my own.  I am so impressed with my colleagues work on…

  5. SS - WIP & Sorting through images.

    22 Aug 2018

    From ’Therapy’ to ’Broken’ to ’Others’, I explore the ‘Emotional, A Journey through space and time’.  Sorting through images. Series : Therapy, ‘En route to therapy’ Series : Therapy, ‘En route to therapy’ Series : Others, ‘Loss’ Series : Others ‘Frustration’ This Module was…

  6. SS - Aurel Kolnai on Double Intentionality

    13 Aug 2018

    How do we face, understand and create imagery of emotions integral to illness, as part of the journey of recovery or just in order to understand our illness better?  Aurel Kolnai, a 20th Century philosopher and political theorist, writes on disgust and our aversion to it.  ‘But for all of its…

  7. SS - Maija Tammi & Difficult Photographs

    13 Aug 2018

    I agree with Tammi in her book Sick Art, summary that ‘photographs can condense time, dramatise it or freeze what would otherwise be gone or fleeting. That photographs are compared and looked at in relation to our physical surroundings and we can choose to look or not look. Importantly photographs,…

  8. SS - Phenomenology and Katrin Joost

    10 Aug 2018

    For me this guest lecture covers many aspects of my thinking. To have it described in terms of phenomenology we must visualise the world through photography. Illness creates a broad concept for phenomenology and an example that Katrin used to think about it through the practise of photography. Photography about illness…

  9. SS - C. A Book Binding Course and Photobook, a second publication.

    06 Aug 2018

    As an extra-curricular activity for this module I decided to do a book binding course. To create a book that I will use for my second ‘Dummy Book’ and one that could later be developed into a more professional finished Photobook.  My first book is the original sketchbook ‘Sick Art’ from…

  10. SS - In ‘Around’ and “Afterthoughts’ (on Participation)

    03 Aug 2018

    Further research into ethics, politics and documentary photography seemed appropriate to consider for a workshop, exhibition space and publication, to encompasses all the work that I am developing during this Module.  Martha Rosler in her work ’Homeward Bound’ and ’If you lived here…, an exhibition at the Dia Foundation in…

  11. SS - A. Workshop Complete - The Art of Chronic Illness.

    31 Jul 2018

    So finally the workshop is complete for the day, but the ongoing and online Summer Workshop will continue as and when anyone with M.E/CFS or a long term chronic illness feels like being creative. I hope to run a winter series on-line only for the M.E Association as a way of…

  12. SS - Welby Ings on Heruistics and being Immersive!

    30 Jul 2018

    With all the activities I have to do this week, I am starting on with writing up the Guest Lecture, by Welby Ings, Professor of Art and Design, AUT University, New Zealand, as this talk has turned my attention in the most dramatic fashion. It has not just supported my thoughts on…

  13. SS - Hayward, Degas, Bresson and Me!

    26 Jul 2018

    CRAWFORD Y. 2018. From the series ‘Absent Places’ CRAWFORD Y. 2018.  From the Series ‘Absent Places’ DEGAS. Monoprint. ‘Pandoras Box’ DEGAS, Monoprint. HAYWARD M, Monoprint. ’On the beach’ BRESSON HC 1932. Hyeres France I have been struggling to find my place in this Module. Having moved, in previous modules, from ‘self-portraits’…

  14. SS - A. A view on Phototherapy as a Workshop

    22 Jul 2018

    HOW TO? is my big question.  Yas Crawford. 2018. The Art of Chronic Illness. Chance C. 2018. Soul apothecary I am hugely aware that the lack of a way of managing the workshop will result in no focus and so have created abstract images on which the participant is free to…

  15. SS - Ethics, Aesthetics and Artistic ends

    22 Jul 2018

    Working through development of my workshop and exhibitions, I become more aware of my audience. What will they get out of it? How will they respond? Will they anticipate the communication of ME/CFS or chronic illness? Will they relate to the images? Will I offend them in any way? Will I do…

  16. SS - Esther Teichmann

    15 Jul 2018

    Ester Teichmann is an artist whose practice includes writing and curation. As I develop my work and my images I am drawn to Teichmann’s work as a way of narrating a story in one image. Her carefully constructed images, open up several projects within a project, enabling the audience to…

  17. SS - Three Surfaces, My Overall View

    15 Jul 2018

    For more detailed information, see individual blogs entitled ‘A Workshop, B Exhibition & C Publication ’.  This week has been great in pulling my ideas together, for the Exhibition, Workshop and Publication. Having been a little more involved with the organisation of these three projects in isolation, I now realise, the importance…

  18. SS - C. Publication. ‘Sick Art’, A Photographers Sketchbook.

    10 Jul 2018

    I will probably develop this blog or write a follow up,  in a little while and over a period of time and as my publication develops. I have planned and started a ‘Photographers sketchbook’ as sketching out my ideas and writing notes has been one of the biggest stimulations for my work…

  19. SS - B. Exhibition & ‘Landings’ 2018

    05 Jul 2018

    Summary of work exhibited Minitiaure images displayed on glass Marketing materials Questionnaire Early visitors the Film ‘Unrest’ is in progress. Vegan snacks Go ‘Blue For M.E’ In my First Exhibition I encountered many positive and negative aspects to the way in which I had managed the exhibition. As you…

  20. SS - A. Workshop. ‘The Art of Chronic Illness’ Workshop.

    05 Jul 2018

    I guess, this weeks work has enabled me to think more globally about my work. When considering the three elements of surfaces and strategies,  A) a publication, B) a second exhibition and C) a workshop. I have really had to think about my audience and what they might get from each of…

  21. SS - Wired and Tired.

    28 Jun 2018

    For my ongoing photographic work on M.E/CFS and chronic illness, I am interested in the overactivity of the body responding to stimuli it seems of almost any sort! The confusion the brain gets itself into, the mix up in central sensitivity causing the body to think it is awake at night and…

  22. SS - 5 Images of ‘Freedom’.

    28 Jun 2018

    1. Yas Crawford.2018.35mm film, Art of Medicine series. 2. Yas Crawford. 2018. 35mm film. The Art of Medicine Series. 3. Yas Crawford,2018. 35mm film. The art of medicine series. 4. Yas Crawford. 2018. Print and prop for re-photographing. 7. Yas Crawford, 2018. Photogram, working with circles. 6. Yas Crawford, 2018. Photogram, Absent Landscape …

  23. SS - Strategies of Freedom

    28 Jun 2018

    In this weeks activities we have looked at ’freedom’ as a photographer. How much freedom do we have, what we can induce, how much we can trick the camera and how much we are confined by that same camera and this type of apparatus.  A.Yas Crawford, 2018. My daughters travels…

  24. SS - Strategies of Sharing, cont….

    21 Jun 2018

    I really wanted to add my thoughts on how this weeks activity has really challenged me and my way of thinking through my photographic work, particularly for workshops and exhibitions.  The biggest issue I realise is about my own assumptions. Thinking I am fairly open to flexible thought processes, I…

  25. SS - Global Breakfasts - Short Video

    21 Jun 2018

    This week activity was to produce a Zine. This meant working collaboratively with a group of people from the course, on a subject of our choice.  The task of choice ‘Global Breakfasts’ was to conduct a collective call for images over three days, gathering images from others from all over the…

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