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  1. 4. Show and Tell

    18 Oct 2018

    I wondered what is that stimulated my interest in Photography and it was down to two things. My father was an amateur photographer enthusiast who captured mainly, our numerous holidays on slide, that we were able to watch over and over at slide show evenings. I loved the slides and…

  2. Finding the Beauty in the image.

    18 Oct 2018

    Finding the beauty in the images, somehow finds the beauty in the illness.  Having a little more time in this Module, due to me being a little more familiar with setting up a business, I have been able to free up more time for thinking about and creating my…

  3. Messum’s, Tif Hunter & Tin-Types

    16 Oct 2018

    Drawn to an exhibition ‘Images’ which runs till 21st Oct 2018 at Wiltshire’s Messum’s wonderful art and multi-purpose galleries, I was lucky enough to experience both the exhibition and the wonderful production of tin-types with Tif Hunter.  The Exhibition ‘Image’ is definitely worth a visit if you have the time. Wonderful…

  4. Progress, both Surreal and Abstract.

    14 Oct 2018

    Crawford Y. 2018. Series : Human Form. Hands Strangely this weeks activity on social media and my ultimate series of abstract images created for the purpose of seeing what creates interest, really got me thinking more abstractly and metaphorically about my work. How to best represent a journey of chronic…

  5. 3. The Digital - New Possibilities

    14 Oct 2018

    Crawford Y. 2018. ‘Millions Missing’ Campaign Crawford Y. 2018. A lesson in Abstraction For me this weeks activity was more than just about familiarising myself with all the nuances of social media, but a chance to explore what images go viral, how you can disseminate your work, what appeals to…

  6. Sissel Thastum, A freedom in Photography.

    09 Oct 2018

    Sissel Thastum discusses her BA Project, and others. For me this initial work of the wonderful images she produced of her mother and father in her home Denmark. To produce these images, its clear it was really important that she had a project she could connect to in a large…

  7. Vikki Forrest and Book Publication

    05 Oct 2018

    Vikki’s guest lecture consolidated a lot of questions I have been trying to think through in relation to possibly producing a book. Completing the Book-Binding course in May was really helpful in understand this lecture. You can find a link here to the reference in my CRJ from the last…

  8. Helen Sear at Hestercombe.

    05 Oct 2018

    I have followed Helen Sear's work since I started on the MA at Falmouth as much of the way in which she works with her ideas and post-editing are similar to my working technique. For example, Helen's  reference to 'absent body's' and my 'absent landscapes'. Her Series 'Inside the View'…

  9. 2. You are a business.

    03 Oct 2018

    This week we focus on the early parts of developing a business plan and I am grateful for this as it starts to focus me down on potential areas for my work. You will see below I am keen to have a multi-disciplinary approach to my work and start discussion…

  10. 1.From Here to There.

    30 Sep 2018

    This week 1 of work has been a week of trying to position myself amongst reading that is both a little unfamiliar and all too familiar. References given to work about the photography industry is new to me, but references on setting up a business or working in the commercial…

  11. Unfinished Stories 2, Pete.

    28 Sep 2018

    Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete Yas Crawford Photography. 2018 : Shoot 2 Pete In the middle of a stressful week, I squeezed in this shoot with Pete, an ‘M.E Warrior and…

  12. Concrete or Abstract ?

    28 Sep 2018

    If we consider that illness can be identifiable in the abstract, such as we might use art as a metaphor in education, it might be possible to describe through visual communication, emotions and symptoms such as pain, confusion and fatigue successfully, where the literal communication does not.  Yas Crawford Photography.…

  13. Unfinished Stories 1, Anon.

    27 Sep 2018

    Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Yas Crawford Photography. 2018.  Series : Unfinished Stories. Already suffering with a rare and hereditary form of Ricketts, this young lady exhibits all the qualities of an…

  14. Where am I now? - Module IV

    27 Sep 2018

    After a challenging Module III, which took us through three different presentation surfaces (a publication, an exhibition and a workshop) and a range of camera techniques and exploration, I found myself a little exhausted and no room for free thought! So the break was welcome and I managed to squeeze in…

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