SS - B. Exhibition & ‘Landings’ 2018

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In my First Exhibition I encountered many positive and negative aspects to the way in which I had managed the exhibition. As you can read in my earlier blog. The isolation of curating alone, is probably not best for a first exhibition, but I have learned so much from the process, particularly around feedback from my audience and ensuring these are triggers to produce a better exhibition next time. The audience for this international exhibition will be different from those directly involved with M.E /CFS and will take some thought whilst accommodating the general public, other artists including photographers and M.E sufferers as on-lookers. So working in a group will be different and exciting. 

For my Second Exhibition, My second exhibition was planned to take place in a local restaurant, its a busy venue where the locals meet just for coffee or a meal and this would be as close as I can get to accessing the local community to view my work. However, with time pressure both for the restaurant and I, I decide to stay with the one exhibition. For the future I would consider doing an Exhibition at home, or in preference an interactive installation allowing the audience to experience life as an M.E sufferer through sensory interaction.

‘Landings Exhibition’. Working through this and what has been required has been great for consolidating my thoughts going forward. Although this exhibition includes images from a selection of my work this first year,. This selection leads me forward into images for my WIP, ‘Emotional, A Journey through space and time’, into my next Module and the challenges of scientific research. 

I am so delighted to have my image chosen as one  that will b used for advertising the whole exhibition. My image has been chosen for the category ‘Elements of Abstraction’ and one into which my work suitably sits. 

Elements of Abstraction

Narrating Identity

Expressions of Consequence

My work is documentary of a sort, but I am focused on developing my work and representing chronic illness in the abstract form. I am exploring the tension between the personal and the universal, between reality and the imaginary, and between photography and other artistic mediums. 

Rugger’s (cited in MARINCOLA, 2006 : 41-50) comments stay with me…..

‘In their very different ways, both these exhibitions managed to achieve the crucial task with which curators of group shows engage: namely, providing a context for works of art so that they can catch viewers off guard, jump-start unexpected thoughts and insights, and trigger moments of surprise and pleasure.’

‘In short, rather than shut down the range of our possible responses, a group exhibition can create a context that prompts us to re-imagine and rethink what we already know about art. ’

‘That is why our group exhibitions can be truly successful only when we succeed in making
our audiences feel that they, too, are an essential part of the group.’

I look forward to this exhibition with great anticipation to see how we will ultimately engage our international audience, how we work together as a group, how we fit our work into sensible sub-themes and evaluate the feedback we hope to get?

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