SS - Three Surfaces, My Overall View

For more detailed information, see individual blogs entitled ‘A Workshop, B Exhibition & C Publication ’. 

This week has been great in pulling my ideas together, for the Exhibition, Workshop and Publication. Having been a little more involved with the organisation of these three projects in isolation, I now realise, the importance of viewing them as integral to one another. I am developing a link between them and its consolidating my project overalI. I am still not sure what the final forms will be for each project, other than the workshop which is now defined. I am surprised by the thought process I have gone through and just how much this has focused me on a direction for my work. I can see a journey with my work from self-portrait and self inspection to a sort of photojournalistic view to really focusing down on both the photography that I enjoy the most, whats accessible to me with M.E and how to represent this illness, as I feel it should be. 

Exhibition & Film Evening. ‘Unrest’

Workshop ‘The Art of Chronic Illness”

Book 1, ‘Porters et Textures de Toulouse’

Book 2, Sketchbook “Sick Art’

Book 3. Photobook ‘Sick Art’

“Its a journey of identity,  self-identity disruption, from the personal to the surreal and the universal and forward into abstraction. It’s the difference between reality and the imaginary and photography and other artistic mediums”. YC2018.

I have realised throughout this course, further investigation into the illness, meeting others with the same illness and as my skills develop as a photographer the following: 

“That how others see the condition is not only both impossible to verbalise, but the reality of a clear explanation is often not true either. I explain in a way that others can understand but reality for me is that its an abstract illness represented by surreal feelings, weird dreams, not belonging in this world but another. Its a hopeless frustration as well as the usual measures of grief and loss. To simply reflect grief and loss is never the whole story. Weirdly, its also an opportunity for hope and a different being in a new world, a new beginning” YC 2018.

In summary for my three projects coming up……The Workshop ‘The Art of Chronic Illness’, as planned will give me more imagery for my Work in Progress (WIP). I continue to follow through ideas I have had within my Photographers Sketchbook and I will display this at  my 2nd exhibition. I will also use similar images in the “Landings Exhibition” organised by Falmouth University for all MA Photography students that want to take part. 

So to an Exhibition. I have already completed a first and inaugural Exhibition and film evening ‘Unrest’, pre-start of this Module III, Surfaces and Strategies. 

My second exhibition was planned to take place in a local restaurant, its a busy venue where the locals meet just for coffee or a meal and this will be as close as I can get to accessing the local community to view my work. However, with time pressure both for the restaurant and I, I decide to stay with the one exhibition. For the future I would consider doing an Exhibition at home, or in preference an interactive installation allowing the audience so experience life as an M.E sufferer through sensory interaction.

Landings exhibition to be launched on the 17th August, will include a series of images from the work throughout this first year of my studies. The images will be selected to represent chronic illness, a ‘Journey through time and space’

A Workshop “The Art of Chronic Illness’ is arranged for 29 July 2018 and will be a few hours of working with individuals that are affected by chronic illness either themselves, as caretakers, as therapists or have a general interest.  I am a little nervous about holding their attention for 3 hours, but have planned the workshop into three parts. An hour of sketching with pens, pencils, charcoal, and paint to initiate expressive thoughts associated with illness. An hour of placing words onto photographic images printed onto paper and finally working with the Soul Apothecary to develop more in depth words in a more poetic way to finalise everyones work. Finalising with taking individual and group photographs. The attendees will be able to take home a piece of their work and an Instamax picture of the group or themselves taken by themselves. 

The Publication, ’Photographers Sketchbook on Chronic Illness’, is going to be the biggest piece of work for me and in some ways seems the most important. Its my personal diary in many ways and reflects me and the way in which I like to work. The work will define my thought process and ultimate images for this module. I hope to make this sketchbook interactive, one that others can write on, make their own and use of space and blank pages, to support their studies or interest in both photography and in chronic illness. The overall aim is to create a useable sketchbook for students or anyone who has an interest in Photography and might want to create a sketchbook themselves. Its exploratory and a process of gathering ideas and creating processes for development of projects. Secondly and if time, I would like to hand make a Photobook of the best pages of the sketchbook and images from this module. Sort of an sketchbook photobook! 

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