FMP - Website Update

Over the last few weeks, whilst I have been completing my three photographic shoots and little time to do anything else that involves large amounts of time,I have been working on improving my website.  The development of my website is now reflective of future works and work that will be developed for my Final Major Project (FMP).

Crawford Y. 2019. Website. .Home Page

Crawford Y. 2019. Website. Collection

Crawford Y. 2019. Website. CRJ in Focus.

Crawford Y. 2019. Website. Visual Explorations.

The design has changed completely. 

The Home Page is now more appealing, although it was suggested I drop this completely, it works for me and the personal aspect I want to bring to my work. 

The About Page, is simplified, was not reflective of my work through exhibitions or books etc., to be developed as the work and events builds, eventually taking over from the Events page. 

In the Collection section you will find some new work and best of the old which I’ve been building whilst waiting on my three scientific research photographic shoots to complete. This new work feels important for work post MA, a little mix of the scientific and what’s personal to me. I have great plans for my future work post MA and this seems equally as important as guiding me within my FMP.

I feel the need to ensure I do other work alongside my FMP so that I remain strong in skill areas of lateral thinking, mixing disciplines, starting to write alongside sections of work and essentially representing my overall work as professionally as possible.

MA Explorations, There now is a separate collection for all my MA work and explorations, which will show the project development progress and my thought processes for developing images. 

There is a new layout within the CRJ, to enable easier movement around it, as I don’t have a search button on this Format Website. I’ve had some difficulties with sub menus though, but Format are really helpful on working on this with me, and advised on submenus and how this might most easily work. I have added Module initials to help with this too, SP, SS, IC etc. You can also, now skip straight to videos, or exhibitions, or guest lectures from all modules but easily see in which Module I had completed the work. (By the way their response time and support is always quick and professional with short videos to show you how to get on next time.)

Events Page, changed for easier reading, this eventually will move to the About page, as a list and as I build on my own exhibitions and other events. 

Contact Page is simplified. 

This week I’ve been in a relapse all week, not really surprising after two weeks of photographic shoots, but still completely brought me to a stop for several days. Today, however, I managed to build the website to my liking and pleased with how I can develop it further. Text is much needed so I intend to work on this next.

Whats Missing, Following my one to one with Aline Smithson in January, I can now work on text to go with individual stories of images and get rid of unnecessary images. This I will leave for a little while, whilst I build on my images. It was suggested I get rid of the home page, but I like the lead into the rest of the work and it adds a personal and emotional edge and touch, that helps me and I hope others associate with the rest of my work.

I’m taking a break next week, off to Toronto to visit my oldest daughter and grandchildren. Can’t wait, time to take a space from my hands on shoots, reflect a little before I start editing. There’s lots to do, two edits for two of the recent shoots as part of the collaboration plus working on my final images for the FMP.

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