FMP - Wolfgang Tillmann ‘Freishwimmer’

Sarah Schonfeld, really led me to thinking about cameraless techniques in order to produce abstraction within my images and I come across Wolfgan Tillman. His traces of colour and abstract structures are beautiful. Tillman made this work – the result of a photochemical process using neither a camera nor a negative – in the darkroom. From the purely technical standpoint, it is a photograph but does not represent anything specific. It is a form of non-representational photograph with which Tillmans prompts us to change our seeing habits: the continuation of painting with photographic means.

Tillman W. 2016. Abstract

Tillman W. 2016. Abstract

Tillman W. 2016. Abstract

Throughout the development of multidisciplinary work within this project, I work on projecting images of others with chronic illness. Through research this will create tangible and intangible artefacts. Reality is thin, and the sufferer remains invisible. 

I chose Tillman as his abstractionist takes us to the extreme, a place that can be interpreted in a thousand ways or interpreted as nothing, just the beauty and its aesthetics are the appeal. 

This work really makes me think about the spaces in between, the ambiguity that surrounds both explanation of scientific research, the condition itself and visually communicating whats so impossible to communicate. I will weave these thoughts into my imagery in a way that is both recognisable and non-recognisable, ‘invisible’ to many, obvious to some. 

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