Here you will find a selection of images from different series taken throughout one year of my MA Photography, at Falmouth University. Here I am contemplating long term illness and more specifically Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E). M.E is now classified as a neurological condition affecting millions of people worldwide. It is a condition with debilitating fatigue. Its difficult to diagnose, has limited research resources, there are no treatments and no cures.

My work takes you on a journey through; Self-Portraits, Self-Healing, Therapy Rooms, En route to Therapy, Broken along with The Universe and Chinese Herbs. I have incorporated different visual communications strategies, sometimes overlapping. The exhibition will remain on-line for one year until 17 AUG 2019.

I am interested in the overlap between science and art and if you would be interested in working with me or would like me to consider a project you may be undertaking, please contact me here. For my various works see here.

Series : Self Portrait, Dark Days.

Series : Broken, Loneliness

Series : The Universe & Chinese Herbs 
Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus) for invigorating Qi

Series : En Route to Therapy.

Series : En Route to Therapy.

Self portrait. 2018. Surreal, Brain Fog

Series : Self-Portrait. Surreal & Brainfog.

Series : The Universe & Chinese Herbs
Chinese Arborvitae Kernel (Biota orientalis) for nourishing sleep.

Series : Broken

Series : Therapy Rooms, Dowsing

Series : Self Healing, Liquid Healing.

Series : The Universe & Chinese Herbs Ningpo Figwort Root, for nourishing kidneys.

Series : Therapy Rooms, Acupuncture

Series : Self-portrait, Dreams & Dark Days. 

Series : Self Healing, Crystal Healing Selenite, restores energy. 

Series : The Universe & Chinese Herbs Sweet Wormwood herb (Artemisia apiacea) for clearing heat pathogens.

Series :  Broken, Grief

Series : En Route to Therapy. 

Series : Broken, Before & After

Series : The Universe & Chinese Herbs. Paeonia Root for Liver stagnation

Series : En Route to Therapy 

Series : Broken, Fatigue

Series : Broken. Sketchbook with Digital.

Series : The Universe & Chinese Herbs, Ningpo Figwort Root for nourishing the lung. 

Series : Others, Frustration

Series : Others. 

Series : Others (Workshop)

Series : The Universe & Chinese Herbs. Barbary Wolfberry fruit (Lycium chinense) for nourishing Yin

Series : Broken (Workshop)

Series : Chinese Herbs and tears. Experimental

Series : Others (Workshop)

Series : A Planetary Experience & Chinese Herbs

Series : Self Portrait, Confusion

Yas Crawford Photography. Copyright & Copy; All rights reserved.
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