Mapping1, explores how having a multidisciplinary background brings cohesiveness and meaning to my work as both a scientist and a photographic artist. I’ve intended for this project and for future ones that I will create a series of Mapping projects that will be mapped along a timeline of memory points, each acting as a point of reference, that if isolated could be singular projects and on bringing them together make a coherent and plausible story of events. This first project focuses on the current UK research on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a hidden condition and an attempt to highlight the research through a balance of playful aesthetics and methodologies.
Ultimately, I hope for artistic outcomes that support scientific research into disease areas, and provide opportunity for further understanding of the unknown, art-science collaborations driving the inertia for these projects. By mapping different scientific disciplines, I hope to deconstruct what’s complex and highlight the internal inconsistencies shown through multidisciplinary pairs. I explore if these pairs work as binaries and are dependent one upon the other

Art Science Collaborations were completed with the support of the following Institutions: 

Clinical Imaging and Sciences Centre, Brighton

Quadram Institute of Biosciences, Norwich

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London. 

M.E Association

International Invest in ME Conference IIMEC14

A big thank you to all the institutions, companies and individuals that have worked with me and supported the development of 'Mapping1' as the final major project for my MA Photography, Falmouth University. 


23 AUG 2019. FMP Final Images & Audio.

JAN to AUG 2019. Visual explorations.

05 AUG 2019. Competition & Exhibition. RPS Science Photographer of the Year, 2019, ShortlistMapping 1: OxygenIb, Science Museum London. Exhibition runs from 07Oct19-05Jan20.

25 JUL 2019. Artist Talk. Mapping 1, An Art Science Collaboration.

19-21 JUL 2019. Exhibition. Premio Contemporary Rome Art 2019. 

16 JUN 2019. Book. Mapping1; An Art Science Collaboration. Published Date.

31 MAY 2019. Conference. International Invest in ME Conference IIMEC14, Institute of Civil Engineers, London.

31 MAY 2019. Competition & Exhibition. Lenscratch 'IN Conversation'. On-line Exhibition Image, Mapping1: CognitionI

23 MAY 2019. Press Release. 'Art and Science Uncover  M.E'. Quadram Institute of Biosciences, Norwich. 


03-04 April 2019. Collaborative Edits. To record the process of  Collecting samples from participant to research. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/GP Surgery/Royal Free Hospital Biobank, London. 

26-28 MAR 2019. Collaborative Edits. To produce four images that represent the ongoing research of four PhD researchers. Quadram Institute of Biosciences, Norwich. 

26-28 MAR 2019. Collaborative Edits. To produce a series of photographs recording the three daysQuadram Institute of Biosciences, Norwich. 

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