"I have long, indeed for years, played with the idea of setting out the sphere of  life-bios graphically on a map" 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           _ Walther Benjamin, A Berlin Chronicle, 1978


It has been my long-term plan to develop a series of images that reflect the art in science, to develop art science collaborations, challenge the norm and provide a safe place to explore new research. 

The mapped landscape revealed in the images acts as a vessel to transport the science, communicating the ambiguous and the unknown. It acts as a background onto which the micro and the macro of the internal and external human landscapes are gently positioned. The repetitive nature of the images reveals the constantly repeated events whilst the sets of images are produced as if a scientific experiment catalogued for success or failure and reflected in its numbering. The abstraction recognises areas of ambiguity explored often through topographical and geometrical shape removing the onerous requirement of controls and variables leaving space for subjective expression and interpretation. This safe place prevents the viewer from being defined by their condition.

Mapping I-III.

This is where it all began for me, as a student geologist mapping the Sub-Alps close to Castellane and the Gorge du Verdon in the Haupte Provence region of France.  The folding and gravity gliding structures of the La Batie Limestone mountains providing a vessel and metaphor for later biological research. Who would have known I would return to these images years later and the beginning of an investigation into photographic  'Mapping Projects'. 

The images are an abstract and reflective interpretation of various aspects and interpretations of the human body. Human conditions are traced through biological and geological time and ultimately our environment. How we adapt and interact, how we manage our conditions in our present environment. Geological time shifts and changes over time, it emerges, diverts, distorts, creates disorder, order and chaos. 

'Mapping I-III' is a collection of images divided roughly into series. There is cross-over, of course, feel free to interpret as you wish. 

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