The Biology, it defines us, it’s almost rule-less unlike physics and chemistry which are laden with laws, regulation and procedure, necessary but limited. Whilst alongside these biological changes, the Geology explores a shift from the Holocene Epoch; a journey of geological creation, the first life on earth, adapting genetics, human behaviour and interaction.

Environmental change and viral contamination continues to remain a mystery undefined, ambiguous, unknown and often uncontrolled by humankind. As we move into the Anthropocene we experience many phenomena such as technological change which often overtakes human wisdom. The changes raise issues about boundaries and classification, our right to and our need to change.

Through an exploration of artistic perspective and scientific complexities the artwork reveals, explains and connects us to the ambiguous and unknown. Working in ‘The Grey Space’ between art and other disciplines the artist style and vision naturally develops in a fine art form. The ongoing research touches on mapping evolutionary change, moves between the biological, the geological and gently reflects the impact on human kind.

Image ©Yas Crawford. 2021. Cellular VIId

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