Crawford Y. 2020. Torn I.  (New Series)  

Yas Crawford is an internationally awarded photographer who has exhibited in the UK and Europe. Crawford is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and a Fellow of the Geological Society. She was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the landscape and biological make-up have subliminally influenced her work. With a degree in Geology and a master’s in Photography, Crawford has worked as a microbiologist, in various business roles, an entrepreneur in life sciences, and now working in what she calls ‘The Grey Space’ in-between those disciplines. 

"Through an exploration of perspective, complexities and multidisciplinary collaborations I create imagery that explains, reveals and connects us to the ambiguous and unknown. It’s like working somewhere between consciousness and the subconscious. Using digital and analogue photography, video and cameraless techniques my work has naturally developed in a fine art form"

Crawford's work has been recognised over the last two years in 11 international awards. Examples include: Budapest International Foto Awards Silver Award for Personal Portfolio 2021, Winner of the Land Air 4.0 Quasi Quadro Award 2021 with a Solo Exhibition, Winner of the Art of Neuroscience Award 2021 and publications in American Scientific, Best in Show of 100 future abstract artists Artfolio 2021, Honorary Mention in the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021, Artist of the Future Award Contemporary Art Magazine 2020, Silver Award in the Moscow International Foto Awards 2020, Finalist of the RPS Science Photographer of the Year 2019, 

Multidisciplinary collaborations include working with the Nottingham University and the UK Pint of Science on an evolutionary biology project and The John Curtin School of Medical Research, Canberra creating front covers for PhD research on neuron activity in particular for behaviours that are regulated by the superior colliculus. 

Crawford is holding her first solo exhibition 'Cellular Flow, I've been thinking' in Barge, Turin 11 Dec 2021 to 25 Feb 2022.


Photographic Artist and Multidisciplinary Nice Person!


Yas Crawford Photography. Present. 

Aerona Clinical Limited. Director.

Director & Owner of various life sciences companies 2001 - present. 

Various specialist and pharmaceutical roles; Novartis, Roche, AstraZeneca. 1989-2001 

MLSO, Microbiological Methods, Biomerieux. 1997-2001 

Business Mentor; Business Wales & BIP SW England. 

Board Advisor for several SME's


MA Photography (Distinction), Falmouth University. UK. 

BSC (Hons) Geology, Cardiff University. UK. 

Additional Education/Courses.

The Art of Publication. Node. Berlin

Curating in Art, Science & Technology. Node. Berlin

Creative Forms of Art Criticism and Writing. Node. Berlin

Applied Geophysics, Paleomagnetism, 

Structural Geology, Keele University. 

Certificate of Education, Keele University. 

Microbiological Methods, BioMérieux. France.

Several Business Courses. 



Open Medicine Foundation. Interview on winning the Art of Neuroscience Award

'Outside In' Autumn News

Artfolio Book. 2021. Top 100 abstract artist. ' Best in Show' Front Pages. 

Lounge 2, Vol II Book. 2021. Moonlight Sonata. 

ArtDoc Magazine 2021. Inner World

AAP Magazine. Portfolio.

LiP Chronicles 2020. Life under Lockdown

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. 2020. Here

Quadram Institute of Biosciences News. 2019. Art & Science Uncover M.E

M.E Essentials Magazine. (M.E Association) Art, Imagery and M.E. 2019

Source Magazine. Post Grad work. 2019

Post Grad Magazine Zine. 2019


Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) Silver Award for a Personal Portfolio. Dec 2021

Land Air 4.0 Nature,  Technology, Energy Quasi Quadro Award 2021. Winner of the Solo Exhibtion, Turin Italy. October 2021. Winning Images: Inception I & II.

Art of Neurosciences Award 2021, Winning image 2021. 'Cognition IX'. Netherlands Institute of Neurosciences. 

Artfolio 2021, 'Best in Show' of 100 international abstract artists. 'Torn I & Cognition VII'

Moscow International Foto Awards, MIFA Silver Award for the series 'Blood, Cells & Neurons' Dec 2021. 

Tokyo International Awards, TIFA. Honorable mentions for the image 'Oxygen Ib' 2020.

Artist of the Future Award - Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. 'Blood Cells & Neurons' 2020.

AAP Magazine #14, Colours -Merit Award for the image 'Pthalo Blue' 2020

Royal Photographic Society - Science Photographer of the Year 2019 Finalist. For the image 'Oxygen Ib'

Honourable Mention 15th Pollux Awards for Alternative Processes' during Lockdown. 'Lombardy Series'

Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. ARPS Nov 2019 - Present


Outside In Andrew Edney Award 2021

Format US Award for emerging artists during Covid-19. Grant.


Land Air 4.0. Quasi Quadro. Solo Exhibtion: Cellular Flow with animated video installation, Barge Turin. 11 Dec 21 - 25 Feb 22

Decontexts. Cellular Ic. Millepiani Exhibition Space, Rome  Jun 2021.

Photography Now Exhibition, London.  Blood, Cells & Neurons. Dec. 2020 and May 2021.

The Man and the Machine. Laboratory I & II.  Millepiani Exhibition Space, Rome  Nov 2020. 

Science Museum London, Oxygen Ib, RPS Science Photographer of the Year Finalist. 2019.

International Contemporary Art Expo. Interoception Series. Palazzo Velli, Rome. Rome Art Week. 2019.

International Invest in ME Conference 2019. IIMEC14. Collection of Images on M.E/CFS. London, Institute of Civil Engineers. Photographic PhD research displayed with scientific papers. 

Photographic Exhibition & Film. A Broken Biochemistry. Research on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Photographic Exhibition & Film. Devon, UK. 2018.

Online Exhibitions

Pint of Science Festival. Flow, Interrupted. May-June 2021

ArtDoc Magazine. Inner Worlds. Jan 2021

LIP Chronicles, UK. Life under Lockdown. 1-30 Nov. 2020

Analogue Forever, US. Solitude. 2019. 

Lenscratch, US. Self-Quarantining. 2019.

Lenscratch, US. In Conversation. Cognition I. 2019.

Source Magazine. Post Grad Photography 2019. Ireland

Falmouth University. Landings. 2018.


An Art Science Collaboration. Hand-Made 32-page fine-art book self-published book. June 2019.

An Artist Sketchbook for 'Arts in Health'. Hand-Made 32-page fine-art book created 2020.


The Grey Space: Bromley Camera Club. Bromley 2021.

The Grey Space: Arts and Health Hub. Zoom. 2021

The Edge of Sentience with Grace Crawford. Arts and Health Hub. 2021

Artist Talk. Mapping 1:An Art Science Collaboration. Devon. 2019.

Why we need art in Science. Falmouth University MA Photography. 2019. 

Visual Marshmallows. Three minute talk. Why I Love being a Photographer


3D Animation. Collaboration with Sarshar Dorosti, MS Animation student from Tehran University of Art, on the production of an animated video for the exhibition 'Cellular Flow' Barge, Turin. ( As winner of the Quasi Quadro Land Air 4.0 Award)

John Curtin School of Medicine, ANU, Canberra. Front covers for PhD research on neuron activity, in particular for behaviours that are regulated by the superior colliculus. 

The Edge of Sentience. Ongoing collaboration with a neurodivergent artist, scupltures and photographic documentary work. 

Flow, Interrupted. A collaboration with Associate Professor Sophie Evolutionary Biologist, Nottingham University. Emergent mixed media created for the Pint of Science Festival May-June 2021. 


The Art of Chronic Illness. Art Therapy Workshops for those with long-term chronic illness.

Online Summer Art Therapy Workshop for those with M.E/CFS.


John Curtin School of Medicine, ANU, Canberra. Front Covers PhD research

M.E/CFS Research.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. London. Virology and Gene research

M.E Association. London. Sampling & Biobanking. Editorial

Clinical Imaging and Sciences Centre. Brighton. PEM Trial. 

Quadram Institute of Biosciences. Norwich. Immune Dysfunction & Gut Health

Aerona Healthcare Limited. Web & PR artwork

Various private commissions. 

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