Artist Statement.

The Grey Space

Biology defines us, it's almost rule-less unlike physics and chemistry, which are laden with laws, regulations and procedures, a necessity but limiting. The path of the cycle of life remains in the 'Grey Space' that space in-between disciplines and is challenging. The Holocene Epoch: a journey of geological creation, the first life on earth, adapting genetics, human behaviour and interaction, environmental change and viral contamination remains a biological mystery, often uncontrolled by humankind. Working within the 'Grey Space' I anticipate a creative journey tracing time, stimulating our senses as we flow subliminally through the ambiguous and the unknown.

I am a Fine Art Photographer, Visual Artist and Multidisciplinary Collaborator who has exhibited internationally. I inform scientific ideas artistically and abstractly to various audiences. Growing up in Pembrokeshire, Wales, the landscape and biological makeup have subliminally influenced my work, enabling me to bring the unknown and ambiguous into our macroscopic world. My research is grounded in mapping theory and touches on evolutionary change whilst reflecting the impact it has on mankind.

I work with digital and analogue photography, video and illustration, illustration and cameraless techniques.

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