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Through an exploration of perspective, complexities, and multidisciplinary collaborations the artwork reveals imagery that explains and connects us to the ambiguous and unknown. Working with different mediums and techniques: photographic, illustration, video and cameraless, the work naturally develops in a fine art form.

Biology defines us, it’s almost rule-less unlike physics and chemistry, which are laden with laws, regulation and procedure, a necessity but limited. The path of the cycle of life remains in the ‘The Grey Space’ that space in-between disciplines and is challenging. The Holocene Epoch, a journey of geological creation: the first life on earth, adapting genetics, human behaviour and interaction, environmental change and viral contamination remains a biological mystery undefined, ambiguous, unknown and often uncontrolled by humankind. As we move into the Anthropocene technology  overtakes human wisdom.

Working solo and collaboratively within ‘The Grey Space’ the work anticipates a journey tracing time, stimulating our senses and emotions, existing somewhere between what is conscious and the subconscious and between our internal and external human landscapes.

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