Artist Statement.

The Grey Space

Biology defines us, it's almost rule-less unlike physics and chemistry, which are laden with laws, regulation and procedure, a necessity but limiting. The path of the cycle of life remains in the 'Grey Space' that space in-between disciplines and is challenging. The Holocene Epoch: a journey of geological creation, the first life on earth, adapting genetics, human behaviour and interaction, environmental change and viral contamination remains a biological mystery, often uncontrolled by humankind. Working within the 'Grey Space' I anticipate a creative journey tracing time, stimulating our senses as we flow subliminally through the ambiguous and the unknown.

As a Fine Art Photographer, Visual Artist and Multidisciplinary Collaborator I have exhibited internationally. I inform scientific ideas to a variety of audiences, I work primarily in a multidisciplinary way, allowing my scientific background to inform my artwork. Growing up in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the landscape and biological make-up have subliminally influenced my work which has allowed me to bring the microscopic into a macroscopic world. My research is grounded in mapping theory and touches on evolutionary change whilst reflecting the impact it has on mankind.

I work with digital, analogue, archival and cameraless photography, video and illustration.

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