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Solo Exhibition 'Cellular Flow, Ive been thinking...'

© Yas Crawford 2021 Cellular Vc   Series: Cellular Flow

Quasi Quadro Land Air 4.0 Solo Exhibition Award. The Solo exhibition ‘Cellular Flow, I’ve been thinking…' addresses a natural and sometimes chaotic flow of life, an un-labelling of chronic illness, through fine art photography, illustration and video.

“I’ve been thinking. Well it seems I’ve always been thinking mainly about flow, flow of life, flow of cells, flow of energy, flow of time since….”__Yas Crawford 

Ex Stazione / Officine Ferroviarie complex in Barge (CN), Turin. 
Video animation in collaboration with Sarshar Dorosti, Tehran. 

Land Air 4.0    Event Video    Cellular Flow Video   Yas Crawford Quasi Quadro Artist

London Independent Photography   Nelo Box    LeValli   Arte.Go

Land Air 4.0 Quasi Quadro. Nature Energy Technology. 

Winner of Solo Exhibition. 

© Yas Crawford 2021. Inception I  Series : Nature Energy Technology

Combining cameraless techniques with digital images the artist not only challenges the norm, but dislocates the environment around us. A new normal is created from the technological chaos. Imagining earth at its earliest inception the artist captures its energy as she anticipates its future. 

Land Air 4.0

London Independent Photography

Winner of the Art of Neuroscience Award 2021, Netherlands Institute of Neurosciences. 

© Yas Crawford 2021. Cognition IX  Series: The 8th Sense.

Art of Neuroscience

Video Cognition IX explained

Interview Istanbul Chronicle

Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience    Scientific American  Eurekalert

Open Medicine Foundation   Art Neuro Science - Twitter   Germanic

Art of Neuroscience - Twitter   Espanol News   Paper Boat News

Lariva Business   National Debat   Les Actualités   Twitter - Art of Neuroscience

Best in Show, Artfolio 2021

© Yas Crawford 2021. Torn I.  Series: Lombardy

Of 159 artists, Yas Crawford wins 'Best in Show' for the 200 page Art Book. 

Artfolio 2021


Modern Photographer, AAP Magazine

© Yas Crawford 2021. Pthalo Blue. 

All About Photo Magazine #14, Colours 2020. Merit Award.  One of 25 top photographers from 11 different countries and 3 continents.

All About Photo - Modern Photographers   Digital Camera World

All About Photos - Colour Magazine   Ocean Road Magazine   Tendenciashoy

Finalist. Royal Photographic Society, Science Photographer of the Year 2019.

© Yas Crawford 2021. Oxygen Ib. Series: Oxidative Stress

A study of post-exertional malaise in M.E/CFS patients. 

Science Museum Blog   European Sting   CNN   Creative Boom   The Standard

The Art Shelf   Tree Hugger    Science Focus  Rediff  Contemporary Art Curator

Contemporary Art Curator  Freedom and Safety  Quora   Indiansapidnews

Mice Times Asia   Focus   Maroela Media -South Africa   Haaretz - Israel   Sohu

Socientifica   Londonist   The Independent   The Guardian   Falmouth University

Zoom Der Fotoblog   Arabic.cnn   Signumprousa

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