"I have long, indeed for years, played with the idea of setting out the sphere of  life-bios graphically on a map" 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    _ Walther Benjamin, A Berlin Chronicle, 1978

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INCEPTION I, 2021. Series: Nature Energy Technology.

Land Air 4.0 London Independent Photography   Land Air 4.0    Solo Exhibition Video Event Video   Animated Video Cellular Flow Yas Crawford Quasi Quadro Artist   London Independent Photography   Nelo Box   LeValli  Arte.Go

COGNITION IX,  2021. Series: The 8th Sense.

Art of Neuroscience  Video Cognition IX explained  Interview Istanbul Chronicle   Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience   Scientific American   Eurekalert   Open Medicine Foundation    Art Neuro Science - Twitter   Germanic Art of Neuroscience - Twitter   Espanol News    Paper Boat News   Lariva Business    National Debat   Les Actualités  Twitter - Art of Neuroscience

TORN I, 2020. Series: Lombardy.

Artfolio 2021 Artfolio 

PTHALO BLUE, 2020. Series: Light Shape 

All About Photo - Modern Photographers   Digital Camera World All About Photos - Colour Magazine   Ocean Road Magazine   Tendenciashoy

OXYGEN Ib, 2019. Series: Oxidative Stress

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Mapping as a Philosophy.   The Grey Space  Inspired by Chronic Illness, She Made Award-Winning Art about the Brain  Representing Chronic Illness with Art   Art & Science Uncover M.E   Art of Neuroscience Award  

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