11 Dec 21 - 25 Feb 22


Cellular Flow. 11 Dec 2021 - 25 Feb 2022

I am delighted as Winner of the Quasi Quadro Open Call, Land Air 4.0 Nature Technology Energy to be offered a solo exhibition at  Ex Officine Ferroviarie dI Barge (CN), Turin.  I am delighted to be in Turin in December for the opening 11th December and hope to meet you there. 

I will be exhibiting images from the series accompanied by a short video animation. 

Oct. 2021

Crawford Y. 2021. Inception I.

Winner of the Quasi Quadro Open Call, Land Air 4.0 Nature Technology Environment. 

Combining cameraless techniques with digital edits the artist not only challenges the norm, but dislocates the environment around us. A new normal is created from the technological chaos. Imagining earth at its earliest inception the artist captures its energy as she anticipates its future. 


June 2021

Crawford Y. 2021. Cognition IX.

Winner of the Art of Neuroscience Award 2021. 

Jury Comments, consisting of Dr. Paula Albuquerque, Prof. Rodrigo Quian Quiroga and Prof. Semir Zeki.

“The perfectly composed image in classical black and white, is full of movement and dynamic flow.”

This year’s winner reminded the jury of the of the first experiments with emulsion exposure on glass plates and was a representation of the explosion that we sometimes feel takes place in our heads. Even though one may not immediately be able to identify what is being depicted, an array of affects may be transferred from the maker of the visuals to those experiencing an encounter with them.

June 2021

Crawford Y. 2021. Cellular II

EXHIBITION. 'Decontexts'.  LoosenArt Group Exhibition, 15th - 23th June 2021, Rome city.

'Decontexts' exhibition examines the object and how it acquires an "internal space", and with this it takes autonomy from the external space and is no longer an object in a space, but is itself the creation of its own space of representation: it becomes removable, and can be displayed in any place.  It imposes questions such as "how much context is needed for us to categorise an object? How much can be taken away before an object completely loses its identity, before it truly becomes something else?".

May-June 2021

Flow, Interrupted. 2021_Emergent Mixed Media

Pint of Science Festival Collaboration. 

Yas Crawford using 2D and 3D photography creates imagery that acts a backdrop for the production as well as reveal the directional flow of the honey bees. The sun’s position is essential for how the swarm navigates. As the sun rises and the pesticides cause devastating effect, the gentle flow of the bees and their navigation systems are interrupted.

In Collaboration with Sophie Evison, Evolutionary Biologist, Nottingham University, Amy Bonsor (stitched mixed media) and Amy Corcoran (sound). 

On-Line Gallery  01 May - 30 Jun.

May 2021.

Crawford Y. 2020. Torn I.


100 Artists of the Future.  Best in Show Award. Here

Contact me for a signed copy of the book. 

'TORN I ' is chosen for ArtFolio 2021 Coffee Table book amongst hundreds of creative international artists as artist of the future and Torn I, selected as Best in Show. (Centre Pages) Book sales here

Torn I is part of a new and ongoing series initiated during the Coronavirus Lockdown.

April 2021

Crawford Y. 2020. Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus) for boosting the immune system. 

LOUNGE 2, VOL II. 2021. 

Moonlight Sonata. Online Book. (p.29)

Astragalus Root has been chosen from amongst many creative international artists for the beautiful online and book Lounge 2, Vol II 2021 created with poetry to celebrate Beethoven's 250th Anniversary, 2021. 

Hard copy publication Summer 2021. 

The full series of images can be found here. 

Jan. 2021.

Crawford Y. 2019. Series: Mapping I: Oxygen Ib

Tokyo International Foto Awards. Honorable Mention for 'Oxygen Ib'

See Mapping I Series and Cellular Dysfunction here.  

Crawford Y. 2020. Mapping III: Blood Flow I

ArtDoc Magazine 2021,  'Inner world'  Winning Images, Online exhibition.        

Portfolio here.


Dec. 2020

Crawford Y. 2020. Blood, Cells & Neurons

Moscow International Foto Awards. Category Science, Silver Award for the Series: 'Blood Cells & Neurons'

Online Here

Portfolio  Here


Blood, Cells & Neurons 'The ambiguous and the unknown'. Photography Now Exhibition. 

10 Dec. 20 - 18 Jan. 21.  Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, London. E1 6SA Map  Access exhibition here

Yas Crawford is a multi-disciplinary photographer from Pembrokeshire Wales. Pembrokeshire’s arts, geological landscape and biological make-up were the first pillars in the development of Crawford’s practice. As an artist she approaches her work from a variety of different angles, having studied Geology, Photography and Microbiological Methods. This fact allows her to provide through her work both the pragmatic and factual element of science as well as the experiential, abstract and aesthetic element of art. Her pictures are created by combining digital and analogue photography with archival bioinformatic images from her research project. The result of which is this series of striking ambiguous imagery which invites the viewer to dive into themselves and engage with their physicality in new and at the same time very informative and thought provoking ways.


Crawford Y. 2020. Series Mapping I: Cognition Vii.

Artist of the Future Award.  Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. 

Delighted again to receive this wonderful award alongside some incredibly creative winners. 

Publication Here

Series Here

Crawford Y. 2020. Series: Shape Light & Order, Pthalo Blue

All About Photo Magazine #14, Colours 2020.  Merit Award. 

Delighted to be be part of this wonderful AAP Magazine #14 alongside some amazing photographers

The Magazine can be found here.

Portfolio Here

All About Photo.com

Delighted to have my article and work published in All About Photo.com as one of their Modern Photographers. A selection of images from Mapping II, Series including In the Beginning and Shape, Light & order, X-ray

Article Here

Portfolio Here

Chosen as one of 25 top photographers from 11 different countries and 3 continents.

Crawford Y. 2019. Laboratory  I & II


The Man and The Machine

Working in the ‘Grey Space’ between art and science Yas Crawford creates work that reflects the complex and futuristic nature of medical research. Yas works with shape and form to capture the ordinary and unusual transporting you through space and time. 

Crawford Y. 2020.  Lombardy, Valli Intelvi I

LIP Chronicles Newspaper Valli Intelvi I was chosen amongst many images of photographers work during the lockdownCrawford Y. 2020. Valli Intelvi I.

I visited the Lombardy region, just before the Coronavirus outbreak in November 2019, the virus striking just a few months later. The image is taken from a series of images that were created as an immediate and emotional reaction to the region  infected with Coronavirus. I use cameraless scanning techniques combined with topography, geometry and mapping to dislocate and hold timeless a moment in time. 

LIP Chronicles online Gallery 'Life under Lockdown' can be found here.

Oct. 2020

Crawford Y. 2020. Lombardy: Valli Intelvi I, II & III

15th Pollux awards. Honourable Mention for Alternative Processes during lockdown. 

Images can be seen Here

Following a visit to the Lombardy region just a few months before  the Coronavirus pandemic struck, a series of cameraless images were created as a memory of the region, using multiple layered scans and sculptures from analogue photography.  The dislocated mountains of the Valli Intelvi disrupted as were the lives of family and friends in the area.  

Mar. 2020.

Crawford Y. 2019. Mapping I: Interoception, The 8th Sense. 

Art Curator Magazine. 2020

Delighted to be accepted for the Art Curator Magazine Online publication with a selection of my images here here.              


07 Oct. 19. to 05 Jan. 20.

Crawford Y. 2019. Series: Mapping I. Oxygen Ib. 

RPS  Science Photographer of the Year 2019 Finalist.  Press Releases Below. 

Yas Crawford uncovers the current UK research on cellular dysfunction occurring as post-exertional malaise or PEM as it is more familiarly called in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) patients. It is a description of the extreme exhaustion, pain, cognitive deficits and other symptoms that present after exertion in M.E patients with an extremely slow return to baseline. The image 'Oxygen Ib' was created using a scanning electron microscope, an archival image and a map. The map representing a universal condition. 

Series Here

July 2019.

Crawford Y. 2019. Interoception, Tiled, The 8th Sense & Three Ways


Three images were accepted for the Palazzo Velli Exhibition during Rome Art Week. July 2019

One aspect of Yas Crawford's work investigates neurological Interoception in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Patients or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it is more familiarly called.

Interoception is considered to be The 8th Sense, a link between bodily sensation and emotional reactions. In recent decades the idea of how the body processes information and bodily sensations has created the idea of the experienced phenomenologically lived body as the basis of consciousness. Limited computational and cognitive theories suggests that the study of interoception remains enactive. 

Mapping I: Interoception. Portfolio Here


Torn I

Winning Image and top 100 artists selected for the Coffee Table Artist Book Artfolio 2021. Pending launch Spring 2021 and further news. 

Feel free to contact me for a signed copy of the book. 

Artfolio 2021

Pthalo Blue. 

All About Photo Magazine #14, Colours 2020. Merit Award.  One of 25 top photographers from 11 different countries and 3 continents.

All About Photo - Modern Photographers

All About Photos - Colour Magazine

Ocean Road Magazine

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